Visit: Norfolk Coast

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Norfolk is one of my favorite places and it’s been pretty well documented between myself and B over the last year or so! I did want to share a few memories from our little holiday last month, we stayed about 100 yards from the beach at Bacton where we flew kites, ate carrot cake, walked dogs and visited the poachers pocket. We took a trip to Cromer for ice creams and arcades. We visited the lighthouse at Happisborough and the lifeboat at Thornham for the most amazing Fish and Chips I have ever seen!

A truly brilliant holiday, I can’t wait to go again…..


6 thoughts on “Visit: Norfolk Coast

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I haven’t done the Norfolk seaside properly, loved the Norfolk Broads though. That part of the country is simply lovely I must agree. I’m going to pin your post to my travel ideas board because this must be done, if only for the fish and chips recommendation ;)
    Thanks for sharing. Just looking at these photos on a rainy London day brightens everything up!

    • makedospend says:

      thank you! I do hope you get to visit, it is such a beautiful part of the country, good for seafood too!

  2. peter wyeth says:

    I love Norfolk and have so many special memories of all the places you mention in this post. Me and my partner used to have our annual holiday at Happisburgh where she used ti spend her holidays in her youth. Ace photos, by the by!

  3. Janet says:

    This makes me want to get in my car and drive down the A47 post haste! I love Norfolk, especially the area around Holt/Blakeney/Cley.

    • makedospend says:

      Yes, I can’t wait to go again…… I used to visit Blackeney as a child, with grandparents in a caravan! I think it may be time to re-visit……

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