Photo an hour: A lazy Saturday

We both really love the ‘photo an hour’ posts that many of our favourite bloggers do on occasion

It’s a really simple way of getting a flavour of their life and strangely even the most mundane tasks are interesting to see in photo format (we must just be naturally nosy!)

So we thought we’d have a go too

After a few failed attempts (it’s harder to remember to take photos than you’d think…) here’s B’s first photo in a day…


Radio in B's kitchen

Roll out of bed and listen to Monica Winfield on BBC Radio Leicester, while making banana porridge and coffee for breakfast



We (me and D, the boyfriend) eat breakfast, chat and lazily catch up on blogs – and I plan what to bake this week!


B on her fitness ball

I vaguely make an effort to do some exercise on my new fitness ball – and then shout at D for using it as a huge basketball in the living room


B on her phone

We decide it’s time to get washed, dressed and go out!

And then waste more time than necessary deciding where to go and what to do…


B in the car

And we’re away…!


Wartime Weekend at GCR

Back to the 1940s!

The Great Central Railway heritage line (who you might remember from this post) are holding a special wartime weekend, with each station representing a different country

We stopped by the American camp for a flavour of the event – lots of great vintage and craft stalls, military vehicles and a genuinely entertaining Punch and Judy show!


Coffee and cake

And we enjoyed a coffee and carrot cake, while being serenaded by a Welsh man in American WWII uniform!

(And flicked through the leaflets I’d picked up – I can’t help but collect pieces of paper…)



We drove home and then stopped in at a couple of houses taking part Leicester’s annual Art House exhibition

People basically open up their homes and gardens, to display the work of local artists

This band provided a really funky soundtrack to one of the houses involved!



Back home and the sun finally decides to make an appearance from behind the clouds – briefly – so I’m straight out in the garden



I drop D off at the station and come home for an early dinner, accompanied by Daft Punk




I’m excited to find an email reply from my French penpal (who is actually Australian!) and set about translating

And then the rest of my night is pretty lazy – blogging and watching TV… and taking no photos!


3 thoughts on “Photo an hour: A lazy Saturday

  1. Sequin Cat says:

    Lovely post!

    I wish it were easier for me to do similar while travelling – maybe I’ll try tomorrow.

    Adevntures of a Sequin Cat

    • makedospend says:

      Thanks! You should definitely have a go, although remember to take a snap every hour is trickier than I expected

      (Still working my way through a reply to you…!)

  2. MegsFitness says:

    This is a very fun idea :D I hope to try this sometime! Where are you from?

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