Our week: 8th-15th June


The week E had…

Made: A new friend. C and I have a new addition to the household, A little kitten called Truffle! She’s a spirited little thing, dashes about making it almost impossible to photograph her! She’s pretty distracting too, it’s been hard to get anything done this weekend. Her hobbies include: climbing the curtains, biting, dashing behind the sofa and being very cute!

Did: We threw a baby shower for a friend who is expecting, a lovely afternoon with good food and good company

Spent: This week has been about Glastonbury preparation and we now have  a tent so progress has been made! Other useful acquisitions have been an inflatable mattress, dry shampoo and a pirate costume

If you click on one link this Monday: Stuck for inspiration? Try Oblique strategies  to help solve creative dilemmas.

Banksy in Bristol

The week B had…

Made: Paella… well… D made paella… I just sort of stirred it… and then ate it…

Did: I went to Bristol for a work trip and made an effort to go for a walk around the city – and after gazing at the lovely cathedral (and a tiiiiny bit of record shopping) I came across an original Banksy graffiti!

Spent: D and I spent a mere £2 to go along to a 1940s wartime weekend at the Great Central Railway – which was redeemable against coffee and cake in their cafe – bargain! (See my photo an hour post for pictures)

If you click on one link this Monday: Loving crazy but lovable boss Nev in fly-on-the-wall TV show The Call Centre – if you live in the UK and haven’t seen it – check out what you’re missing!


2 thoughts on “Our week: 8th-15th June

  1. Aww what a cute kitty and such a sweet name! She has a such a lovely little pink nose!
    The Banksy is awesome – never seen one like that before haha! Wonder who that guy hanging on by his fingernails might be lol!

    • makedospend says:

      thank you, I can’t describe how cute little truffle cat is! It’s so much fun to watch her scampering about! :-)

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