Our week: 15th-21st June


The week B had…

Made: A tasty lasagna for Fathers Day (vaguely using this Hairy Bikers recipe – but we kept the pasta!) It was only afterwards dad told me he doesn’t usually like lasagna…

Did: Showed lots of potential buyers around the house I’m renting… I’ll be very sad to move out

Spent: Magazines are a guilty pleasure of mine – but I can never justify the cost…! Handily there’s a stall on Leicester Market which sells out-of-date issues – and three mags for £3 doesn’t seem quite such a bad deal

If you click on one link this weekend: I found this post on Yes and Yes – and the comments it generated – about donating to charity an interesting read

victoria sponge layer cake

The week E had…

Made: A Victoria sponge layer cake, with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream to celebrate one of my best friend’s birthdays

Did: C and I have spent a huge amount of time playing with Truffle the kitten, she’s very demanding and very very cute!

Spent: Yet more Glastonbury preparation, only a few days to go now………andI managed to find a very sensible pair of walking trainers just in time!

If you click on one link this weekend: I am dying to have a go at making my own photographic fabric after reading a tutorial over at how about orange

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