Q&A: Wanderlust with B

San Sebastian

I love a good questionnaire – it’s one of my many geeky passions, filling out forms. So when I saw Janet’s wanderlust post, I couldn’t resist having a go myself.

Especially when I started clicking back through the chain of bloggers who had also posted it…

Janet saw it on Distract Me Now Please, who saw it on Little Miss Busy, who saw it on Beauty Expression, who saw it on Kisses and Croissants, and so on, and so on!

Isn’t the internet a HUGE place?!

1. Which airport would you like to never see again?
I’ve not so far had a bad experience at an airport…

2. What is your travel nightmare? 
I think if everything went wrong at once – that we were ill, we’d lost all our money and possessions, were stuck in a tropical storm and kidnapped by pirates… that would definitely ruin a holiday

3. Would your rather stay in a fancy hotel and do fewer activities, or stay in a hostel and do more activities?
A tricky one! It would massively depend on the location (and the state of the hostel/hotel), but I definitely don’t mind staying in basic accommodation in order to spend more time exploring… I do like a private room though, even if it’s TINY like the hotel we stayed at in New York…

The Jane, New York

4. Do you have any pre-travel rituals?
Double checking I’ve not forgotten the essentials – passport, money, phone etc.

5. What is your favourite airline to fly with?
From my limited flying experience I’m going to say BA… which may also be as they’re the only long haul flights I’ve had, but the service was still very good

6. If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?
There are so many places I’d love to see! Europe-wise, at the moment I’m particularly keen to visit Sweden, Switzerland and Austria – just because they always looks so beautiful and the lifestyles seem so healthy. If I could simply be transported in a click of the fingers (i.e. no massive flight) I’d like to visit my family in Australia, then stop by New Zealand too. Oh, and I want to see Vancouver! Okay, I’ll stop now…

7. How do you survive long haul flights?
I’ve flown from the UK to America and Canada before, so I’ve not entirely worked out how to chill out on planes – and certainly not how to sleep on them! It’s definitely a good idea to stay as hydrated as possible though and it’s worth investing in a decent pair of headphones that block out the noise of everyone else on the plane!


8. What is your favourite stamp in your passport and why?
Probably New York, as it’s the first one I got – I was so disappointed when I found out that European countries don’t bother to stop EU passports…

9. What are your top 3 necessary items for travel?
Clearly passport, money, travel itinerary are proper essentials, but for an enjoyable break…

  • Foam ear plugs – amazing for sleeping on the plan, in hotels, on campsites…
  • Cameras – definitely in the plural, although I do try to limit myself (or rather the size of my suitcase limits me)
  • A notepad – although I sometimes moan about it during the holiday, it’s great to read back on what we did and all the little happenings we might’ve forgotten if I wasn’t keeping a diary. It’s also very useful for keeping on top of spending!

10. What’s your favourite holiday photograph of all time?
A very tough one, considering my love of snapping combined with my natural tendency towards indecision…

This one I love because it was such a perfect day on the Dordogne in France...

Canoeing on the Dordogne

And this one from Quebec in Canada because, again, it reminds me of having such an amazing time (in quite different weather conditions)…

Dog sledging in Quebec

11. And I’m adding a sneaky last question – top 5 cities you’ve visited?

I’d love to see your answers to the questions above! Let me know if you decide to do a post on your own blog…

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6 thoughts on “Q&A: Wanderlust with B

  1. Janet says:

    I love following internet trails of breadcrumbs, going from one blog to another!

  2. Great stuff! I want to continue the chain but may it put it on ice for a few months until I have more interesting answers :-)

  3. Luchessa says:

    Great post! Found you through your ping back to my post.
    Oh box, that room in NYC looks really tiny, but i see it as you do – better spending more time & energy outside and explore the city, instead of sitting inside an expensive hotel.
    What was the best that happened to you in NYC?

    • makedospend says:

      Hello! Yes – it was small but clean and in an excellent location. I had such a fantastic time in New York (we were there for 11 days!) but if I had to choose one experience over them al, it would be walking over Brooklyn Bridge in the sunshine and walking back as it grew dark :)

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