Spend: Vintage Display Cabinet

vintage eutopiaLast Saturday B and I caught up for a morning of blog planning and tea drinking, only to realize we had run out of milk. We decided to make a quick dash to the shops on Queens Road.

Now it’s not that we are easily distracted but Queens Road in Leicester is a delightful place. There are some rather good charity shops, book stores, bakeries and fresh vegetable suppliers on the way to the milk shop, so good in fact it would have been rude not to nip in and have a quick browse in the hope of picking up a bargain. The shopping trip was soon led completely astray by the discovery of Vintage Utopia, a delightful treasure trove full of vintage goodies. Around 45 minutes later we had managed to explore almost every corner- admiring vintage lantern slides from the 1930’s, tea sets, glass wear and some rather beautiful costume jewellery. We left the shop with a little bit of treasure each. For B a bag of vintage glass bottles and for me a vintage display cabinet. I’ve been looking for one of these for some time, scouring auction houses and house clearance shops. Nothing was ever quite right- either too big or small, not in keeping with the other furniture in the house or irreversibly damaged.

It was a big moment to discover ‘the one’

display cabinet before

The cabinet was delivered the next morning and I set it up under the photo wall in my living room. I wanted to update it a little and give it a brighter more modern feel. So I set about fixing it up with a little help (at times hindrance) from Truffle.

We gave it a good clean as quite a few years worth of grime had settled in places. We then added a backdrop using a sample of wallpaper I picked up a while ago (sometimes being a hoarder pays off) We fixed the wallpaper to the back of the dresser with some spray mount, cutting of the excess with a sharp craft knife. After a good polish the cabinet was ready to go, now all the lovely tea cups and glasses I had hiding in the cupboard are on display in my living room. It’s a great addition to the other granny chic items I’ve collected over the last few years, you can see more of my home over at Words That Can Only Be Your Own.

Truffle was rather pleased with our efforts too.

display cabinet- during 2display cabinet-duringtruffle helpingdisplay cabinet- afterdresser- after 2sunflowers

What’s new in your home recently?

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4 thoughts on “Spend: Vintage Display Cabinet

  1. Janet says:

    What a perfect find! I love rooting around in Vintage Utopia; my best find there so far was an old leather suitcase.

    • makedospend says:

      It’s a wonderful place, if a little dangerous for my wallet, There was so much we were tempted by, I might have to limit myself to two visits a year……….. or Perhaps 4!

  2. Jess says:

    Great cabinet. I love that mid-centry modern style; anything with those kinds of legs in particular makes me swoon a bit. Nice idea to paper the inside back – it might have been a bit dark and dreary otherwise.

    • makedospend says:

      yes i think the paper certainly helped to brighten and update it, hopefully without loosing it’s charm. There is something so endearing about this style of furniture (Completely agree with you on the legs!) and so much sturdier than an Ikea purchace

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