What E saw, what B saw: thrifting

what E saw, what B saw

On Friday night, we hosted an outdoor film night at B’s house

The idea was to catch the last of the summer evenings, by projecting a comedy movie onto the side of her house… the only problem was the un-summery, relentless pouring rain

Never trust the British weather

So outdoor, became indoor – with help from our photographer friend Matt‘s massive white screen

We had a great time giggling along to 2 Days in Paris, eating lots of popcorn and sweets, and chatting to friends late into the night…

The next morning

So we were all a little tired on Saturday, but – after lots of slouching around in PJs, eating leftovers and several failed attempts at leaving the house – we finally decided to get some fresh air

This was inspired by the discovery of Leicester’s latest vintage homeware store, Junk Monkey – based in a former petrol station, it’s full of stylish treasures found in local house clearances

They had some really interesting pieces – although while chatting to friendly owner Adam, he admitted most of the best stuff ends up in his own house!

Spurred on by our thrifty natures, we continued our shopping trip at the second hand furniture store on Narborough Road… followed by a visit to our current favourite Vintage Utopia (remember E’s amazing find a couple of weeks back?)

No purchases, but a successful afternoon of lazy “window shopping”, and of course we took the cameras along…




IMG_0828IMG_0839 IMG_0832 IMG_0836 IMG_0838 IMG_0841 IMG_0842 IMG_0843

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8 thoughts on “What E saw, what B saw: thrifting

  1. Janet says:

    Junk Monkey looks amazing, I’ll definitely be making a trip there this weekend!

  2. Laura says:

    Hi B & E! Just wondered if you have a contact email address, as I have a potential theatre ticket offer i thought you may like :-) – Laura

  3. kerrycooks says:

    Repeat after me – NEVER TRUST THE BRITISH WEATHER! :) Lovely pictures girls!

    • makedospend says:

      Kerry you are so right, we set ourselves up for a fall thinking the nice weather could continue into September! A cosy Autumn evening in instead! :-)

  4. Thrifting is the best! You never know what kind of treasures you will find!

    • makedospend says:

      Isn’t it brilliant?! Sadly there was no treasure to be found on this occasion, but it never hurts to look, and regularly!

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