Click: Matt & Rach’s Wedding

Back in August we went to the wedding of B’s best friend Rachael, who married our favourite photographer Matt.

It was a very special day, beautifully planned and thought out to the last detail, and we both had important roles to play, B bridesmaid, E photographer along with Kev of Kevin Clarke Photography and a little help from Matt’s amazing camera and lenses!

The full story is over on Matt’s blog now, Matt Horan Photography but before you click, (Its a pretty amazing photography blog and you might not want to come back!)

We couldn’t resist sharing a few of the snaps and take the opportunity to say Congratulations Mr + Mrs Horan!

matt & rach matt & rach matt & rach matt & rach matt & rach matt + rachmatt & rachmatt & rachmatt & rach

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3 thoughts on “Click: Matt & Rach’s Wedding

  1. Holly says:

    Very pretty dress!!

  2. bakearama says:

    Amazing job with the photos E, they are all absolutely gorgeous! And I love the gifs he’s made on the site too.
    The Carriage Hall is one of my favourite venues and it looks so wonderful in these pictures… shall be spending the afternoon day-dreaming of weddings and summery niceness :-)

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