Photo an hour: Dimanche

I’ve just returned from a lovely holiday in France, staying with D’s mum and her husband

On the Sunday I thought I’d attempt another photo an hour (the the first one here)

It didn’t quite work to plan (I lose track of time when not at work!) but I thought I’d share the photos anyway… with estimated timings… and a little more than one photo in some hours…


Hot air balloons in Dordogne, France

Wake up, look out of bedroom window to see some people have been up (literally) for a little while longer!



A lovely breakfast with D’s mum’s delicious homemade jams – apricot with cinnamon, and a thick plum jam with nuts and pepper – yum!


Garlic at a French Market

We head off to St Cyprian and stroll around the colourful market – where I buy some amazing sugarless nougat as a gift for my parents and try on hats

You’ll already know how much I love French markets if you read my post last year – so much wonderful, fresh produce!


Church in St Cyprian, Dordogne

We stroll uphill, through the narrow streets to the church – and hear Sunday worshippers singing as we stood outside

After strolling back into the centre ville, we had a quick rest in the sunshine before meeting D’s mum for a coffee


Market in St Cyprian, Dordogne

Coffee drunk and a decision made on which hat to buy, we head back to the car…

And on the way bumped into a friend of D’s mum, who was carrying a beautiful bunch of flowers


Driving through the Dordogne with the roof down

By the early afternoon the sun is out in force, and more than warm enough for us to have the roof down on the drive back to the house


Lunch by the pool

A Sunday lunch of croissants and strawberries in the sunshine!

2pm… 3pm… 4pm… etc…

Feet by the pool

And now onto the serious business of reading by the pool all afternoon!

We hadn’t packed our swim suits as we hadn’t expected such amazing weather (up to 31c!) – although swimming in an unheated pool would still have been pretty brave



We head inside to cool off a little before dinner and I spot the sun shining through the kitchen window and onto the fruit bowl



We enjoy dinner outside – starting with some of the Turkish bread bought at the market

8pm onwards…

P1110870 P1110872

We watch the sun disappear over the horizon as we eat dinner, drink wine and chatter away

Have you been away recently? Managed to catch any final summer sun?

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6 thoughts on “Photo an hour: Dimanche

  1. jensine says:

    beautiful … wish I had been there

  2. Sequin Cat says:

    What delicious photos! Thank you for sharing them xx

    Adventures of a Sequin Cat

  3. Looks beautiful – nicely captured

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