Day 5: Bonfire Night


I love this time of year: the cold but sunny mornings, the gold and orange hues, the huge piles of leaves just waited to be kicked about (I still do that)

And then there’s all the fun diary dates – Halloween, Diwali… and Bonfire Night!

When I was growing up, there was a set family routine to Bonfire Night – me, mum and dad would wrap ourselves up and walk the 15 minutes to the local fireworks event


Then we’d wait… and wait… and wait a little bit more, because it could almost be guaranteed that the firework display would be delayed every year

All that waiting would mean that our feet would soon begin to feel a little numb, and I’d end up doing a weird little stomping dance to keep warm

It also meant plenty of time to locate someone selling sparklers… and a nearby person in the crowd who’d been clever enough to bring something to light them with

And then the fireworks would start, and for 10 minutes we’d all look up and get stiff necks as we went ooooh! and ahhhh!


And then we’d impatiently shuffle our way through the huge queue to get out of the event along with thousands of other people – debating over which was the best firework

But it wouldn’t be over yet – while we were out, dinner had been cooking away in the oven – crisp jacket potatoes, juicy pork and apple burgers served with buttery onions and lashings of tomato ketchup, sweet corn on the cob – and a toffee apple to finish!

Due to work, this is the first year in many that I’ve been able to join my family for fireworks – and although there were no sparklers or toffee apples, it was a lovely return to tradition!

(Photos by E and words by B!)

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