Day 9: Boyfriends on blogging

Today we thought we’d tried something new, and hand the blog over to our boyfriends

C and D often get mentioned in our posts, but have never had their own say!

So we asked them – what’s it like to have a blogging girlfriend?

C’s response…

E & C

Do you ever feel that you are being ignored? At home, in the street or just anywhere really! I have for the last three and a half years.

I’m sure people think I have issues. You can regularly find me walking down the street talking to myself, when I think I’m talking to E. Countless times when we’re out, mid-conversion I will turn to my side to realise that I’m alone. On turning round, I’ll find out that I have been talking to myself for several hundred metres. She is taking a picture of an obscure shop window. Never a, “Hold on, I want to take a picture.” The days of my life I’ve lost, wasted.

I have to admit I’m partly to blame for this. As I have brought four of the 11 cameras in her collection.

There are positives though… peace and quiet while she trawls through the thousands of photos she has. Watching the football without being told I’m being boring or sad!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner can take a long time. Endlessly waiting while she hovers over the table stood on a chair, camera pressed to her face. I’d rather see her face than the camera.

Then come the blog days!!

E and B talking about things I don’t understand or at times don’t wish to. I find myself interjecting with some childish comment to remind then of my existence.


I know my place. Since she brought me a cat for my birthday I’ve dropped down the pecking order.

  1. Truffle the cat (understandable, see picture above)
  2. Cameras
  3. Parents and their unruly dogs
  4. Me. One place higher than the Kitchenaid I brought her for Christmas. Could be worse I could be below the garden gnome or next doors’ cats.

Some people would call me a grumpy old man. I’d be one of them…

D’s response…

D in Bilbao

B had long talked about doing a blog; a place where she could satisfy in written form some of her curiosities and musings, and love for taking photos. And most importantly, share these with other people.

But for her there’s a purpose that goes beyond taking a photo of a meal then typing up accompanying words behind a keyboard. It’s the wider human interaction it often creates. That’s what sums B up really – both virtually and in reality.

Perhaps also the reason she didn’t start it until E, the perfect blog partner, came along and they could share the blog – with me, C and you – together.

B has always been good at coming up with fun things to do, places to go and events to check out; but I have a sneaking suspicion lots of these in the past couple years have had an ulterior motive (largely given away by the fact that she reaches for the laptop the moment we get home!). I can’t complain though.

The best thing to come of all this though is without a doubt my experiences of C and E’s cooking/baking. Any pictures you’ve previously seen on here don’t do it justice. It’s also lovely to have a place to go back and relive some wonderful days out or holidays.

And get a reminder of some of the odder things that get B really excited (“Paper!”).

Thanks very much to C & D for being so honest! Perhaps we can persuade them to post again in the future…What does your other half think of your blogging tendencies?

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4 thoughts on “Day 9: Boyfriends on blogging

  1. Janet says:

    I loved this idea! Just the other day – after posting about our anniversary album without asking first – I asked T how he felt about my blogging. I might just ask him to put his response on paper and do a similar post!

    • makedospend says:

      I think they enjoyed writing their posts, C certainly did, and he’s taken an interest in the blog stats for the first time also! You should definitely ask T to do a post, it would be lovely to hear from him and the results might just surprise you!

  2. bakearama says:

    What a lovely post! And very interesting to see the responses. I think Rob would definitely be with C on turning to round to find I’ve stopped a while back to take a photo, and his biggest frustration of not being able to eat things until they’ve been snapped!

  3. Laura says:

    Hehe great post. I might also ask my boyfriend to do a similar post!

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