Day 13: World Kindness Day


Whenever I pick up a copy of The Metro, after scanning the front page, I always flick to the ‘Good Deed Feed’

For anyone who’s not seen the column, it lists short messages of thanks that readers have sent into the paper aimed at people that have helped them in some way

There’s often heartwarming messages for friends or family members who’ve helped someone through a different time in their life, or for a colleague who has given someone good advice

But I especially like the messages of thanks for complete strangers – to a ‘young man’ who has carried a pushchair up the stairs, to ‘the lovely couple’ who paid for a train ticket after a lost wallet, or a tissue offered with a comforting word

I love these little insights into how we can all have positive impact on each other, which just a little bit of kindness – and a little bit of effort

I think people are generally quite kind – so much so, that we sometimes only realise it when it’s not there… I’m sure people hold the door open for you all the time, but you probably notice more when they don’t!

You could argue this is just politeness… but I think the two largely go hand-in-hand

Thank you very much!

So today I want to say thanks to just a few strangers who’ve shown me some kindness…

  • To the woman on the tube last year who told me the front pocket of my bag was open
  • To the man on the flight to Toronto in March who gave me his seat for 15 minutes after another passenger collapsed next to mine
  • To the man at Bristol’s Colston Hall on Monday who insisted I took his place in the box office queue when I was in a panic having realised I’d forgot my tickets
  • To the student who gave me 50p towards my ticket when I had to run to catch the last train when my car got stranded in a snow storm last year
  • To the BA flight attendant, pilots and ground crew who were so kind and understanding at my nervousness at flying in the storm the other week – and so honest about the conditions we were likely to experience!
  • To the man in Toronto who overheard us asking a store owner for directions, did a search on his phone and came outside to check we headed in the right direction
  • To the stallholder on Leicester Market who threw me a  free satsuma and wished me a good afternoon

All small actions that were probably done with little thought, but all still memorable

And every time a stranger is kind to me, it makes me think about how I behave around other people and perhaps where I could put in a little more effort

Sometimes it’s as simple as making eye contact and smiling

When did a stranger last show kindness towards you?

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6 thoughts on “Day 13: World Kindness Day

  1. dropscone says:

    What a lovely post! Someone held a door open for me as I was leaving work today :)

  2. Wow – so many nice things. I love the Good Deed Feed in Metro as well.
    Claire xx

  3. Janey says:

    The little things really do make the difference, don’t they! Random acts of kindness are the best :)

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