day 14: Workspace

E's workspaceA little peek inside my kitchen

This picture was taken in the summer on an extremely warm day. I was making Swiss Meringue buttercream for a cupcake topping and some shortbread biscuits on sticks, all in a bit of a rush as they were both prepared for a friend’s baby shower later that day whilst I was feeling a little tired and emotional after a night at the pub the evening before!


My kitchen is my favourite space to relax and be creative in. My boyfriend C is a chef and shares my passion for cooking so the kitchen really is the centre of our home. When we come home from work we take it in turns to cook for each other and on weekends, if we have a little time, we like to bake.

All the recipes I post here are created in my kitchen and taste tested by friends and family. I have my fair share of disasters but thats all part of the creative process, when things go wrong I learn from them and start again!

washing up


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4 thoughts on “day 14: Workspace

  1. From what we can see you kitchen looks very organised! Cute star biscuits.
    Claire xx

    • makedospend says:

      Thank you Clare, yes it’s probably the most organised room in the house, the remaining rooms are somewhat lacking in organisation!

  2. indigogirl66 says:

    I have jar envy. And label-maker envy. And don’t even start me on the Kitchen-Aid ;-)

    • makedospend says:

      Ahh, Thank you! They are just old jars I have collected, I like to recycle, and the label maker I’ve had since I was about 12! The kitchen aid was a present, it’s my most favorite thing!

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