Day 17: relax

B and I are big fans of Photo an Hour posts and I’ve been meaning to attempt one for a while, Today provided a great opportunity. I’ve been unwell for the past few days and have completely lost my voice. All plans for the weekend had to be cancelled. I’m never good at doing very little but this did mean I had to take things easy this weekend and enjoy a Lazy Sundaytruffle 7.30am

6.30-8am This little tinker wakes me up, Truffle doesn’t understand weekend lie-ins, and expects breakfast at 6.30 am sharp! Though she can be appeased for longer with a cuddle under the duvet

cup of tea

9.15am Eventually I relent and head downstairs to prepare Truffle’s breakfast and make myself a hot drink, usually earl grey tea, today Lemsip

out for a walk

10.45 C and I decide to get some fresh air and wander into town, well wrapped up in winter woollens

leicester, market st

11.10 Leicester City centre is all set for Christmas, the lights are being switched on this evening

eggs at the market

12.15 We head to the Market to pick up supplies for the week ahead, as we’ve said before the market is one of our favourite places in the city centre and C and I pick up a few bargains, including half a dozen double yolkers (yet to be proved, but i’ve high hopes!)

chilli Ramen at wagamamas

1.30pm All I can eat is soup and i’m craving chilli, so Chilli Ramen at Wagamamas for lunch it is


2.10pm we walk by the canal on our way home and take a moment to admire the swans

truffle and the great outdoors

3.20pm Truffle is pleased to see us home as it means she can have a run about in the garden. She’s still very young and we only let her out when we’re there to keep an eye on her, she also likes to try and terrorise the neighbours three cats which are at least twice the size of her!


4pm Washing and cleaning, a boring yet inevitable part of every weekend

blog catch up

5.20  Cleaning done I settle down to some blog planning and photo editing, accompanied by some good books for inspiration and a little more lemsip

C prepares dinner

6.05pm C prepares dinner, He’s really looked after me whilst i’ve been poorly, considerately preparing ‘soft food’ meals! Tonight he’s cooking pan fried Halibut with roast celeriac and broccoli

…..and relax

7.15  We settle down to watch Strictly Come Dancing- yes I confess i’m a fan! (C and Truffle love it too!)

A few of my favourite photo an hour posts:

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What’s your favourite way to relax?

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6 thoughts on “Day 17: relax

  1. paperbagblog says:

    That is so strange – I took photographs today for a Photo Every Hour post…!? Strange coincidence. Lovely photos, especially the kitties x

  2. makedospend says:

    I was remembering you’re from back in March when preparing this, one of the posts that inspired us both to have a go, can’t wait to see your next one! x

  3. Lovely photos! Truffle’s gorgeous! Hope you recover fully soon, but enjoy the special treatment in the meantime! x

  4. Janet says:

    Lazy weekends are the best, sometimes it’s nice to just take things easy. Hope the voice is better today!

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