Day 18: Tedx Bristol

Bristol TEDx

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you might remember that last year I went along to my first Tedx event in Nottingham’s Lace Market

It was a really inspiring day full of diverse speakers, with something interesting to say on family and community – and I passed many of these interesting tales on to anybody who would listen in the weeks that followed!

So last Monday me, D and our friend Chris went to Tedx Bristol – held at Colston Hall with the intriguing theme of ‘failure’

This was a much bigger event than Nottingham’s, with much more of a ‘proper’ conference feel with us sitting in a tiered auditorium, rather than relaxing on sofas and beanbags in an intimate space

I have to say now that we weren’t quite as in awe of this event, as the previous – but that’s not to say we didn’t have a good day or left having learnt something new

So here’s some highlights for me…

Real relationships

Sarah Abell started her talk by telling us all how successful she’s been as a relationships coach and writer, along with her personal triumphs

And then she started again, revealing some of her failures, or the negatives throughout her life – and asked, did we like her more the first or second time round?

Her argument was that for relationships – romantic or otherwise – to be successful, we must be authentic

When we edit who we are it erects a barrier between us and the other person, but if we show up as honest about ourselves then it allows other people to do the same – and form a stronger connection

This rang true with me – I hope that I’m always pretty honest with my friends about who I am, but I also think it’s not as easy said than done, there’s always going to be a little editing for whatever reason… I guess it’s just human nature?

TEDx Bristol

Fashion fail

Sophie Mather addressed the failure of the fashion industry – and us as consumers – when it comes to sustainability

During  her talk, a number of volunteers paced on and off stage carrying sacks of old clothing into a pile – 600 kilos of old clothing, which is around how much the UK sends to landfill every minute

This was among the many shocking facts Sophie reeled off, which were largely focused on water wastage and pollution in the production process

I’ve made certain choices about the places I shop in the past, but this has made me think again about what else I can do – there’s so many issues from human rights to environmental

Don’t break down!

Paul Archer’s talk ‘around the world in 20 fails’ was definitely the most entertaining of the day

He gave us a brief but energetic rundown of the round the world trip he took, along with two friends, in a London Black Cab – racking up a taxi fare of £80,000 on the meter

Along the way the team broke down, battled crazy, weather conditions, broke down again, were deported and broke down again – but had the most fantastic time!

Lots of the issues they encountered would’ve written off most trips, but they never saw it as a complete failure and just dealt with problems as they happened – some of which lead them to even more exciting situations!


A circus trick

Sven Hopla is a circus artist who “constantly flirts with failure”

He said in general life when people talk of fearing failure, it’s a perceived idea of failure that stops us in our tracks – for circus performers they have practical experience of failure

They face failure over and over again when they’re practising a new move, until eventually they overcome it

Natural failure

The final speaker was Doug Allan – a freelance documentary cameraman who’s worked on some of the big BBC nature series

His take on failure was based on his experiences of filming – travelling thousands of miles across the world, to sit in a hut waiting for a certain animal to appear, for hours each day, and get nothing

This wasn’t a failure – because animals and weather are unpredictable – it just meant working out a different plan

It was really interesting to hear about what happens behind the scenes – on average each minute on screen, equals eight days of filming!

And now we’re already working out which is the next TEDx event to head to! Are you a TED fan?

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