Day 20: It’s only Fashion Baby

We both love fashion and have similar styles, so we thought we’d give you a little insight into our wardrobes, and what we’ll be wearing this season…

E’s Style:

I like to be prepared for winter, so I purchased a few new wardrobe items back in September, but I do like to work with what I already have in my wardrobe where possible.

I like to play with layers and textures so I’m drawn to chunky knits, lace, faux fur and patterns. I love colour, but tend to tone it down during the winter months, I love autumn colours and take a lot of influence from them at this time of year

So this winter here’s what I’ll be wearing…

E's style

  1. A paisley shirt from Urban Outfitters
  2. A charity shop find chunky knit cardigan
  3. A warm as toast faux fur coat from TK max, bought a few seasons ago and still my absolute favorite
  4. wooly leg warmers
  5. maxi skirts- my wardrobe stable, I absolutely love these and wear them all year round
  6. A vintage style lace scarf

And to keep my feet toast warm I’ll be wearing:


And B will be posting her winter wardrobe next week!

What are your winter staples?

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2 thoughts on “Day 20: It’s only Fashion Baby

  1. I love love love the blouse on the top left. My winter staples (and it’s basically winter here all year) are some worn suede boots and a fitted, black, calf length wool coat with a high collar to keep at the wind and make me look classy :)

    • makedospend says:

      Hi Hannah, I love the shirt so much, i’d wear it every day if I could! It’s always a bit of a challenge wardrobe planning for winter, getting the balance right between the cold outdoors and cozy indoors, i’m not sure I could cope with winter all year round! :)

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