Day 25: Til Christmas

Stir up Sunday

With only 1 month to go until Christmas i’m feeling pretty well organised ahead of the big day, though in years gone buy this hasn’t always the case. I’d always leave all my shopping to the last minute and i’ve spent many a Christmas eve desperately trudging the high street buying less than perfect presents for friends and loved ones. I always thought that last minute dash would all be part of the fun, skipping through the streets of leicester with fellow shoppers filled with good will and merriment. Instead I found myself fighting through crowds of equally panicked shoppers and frazzled shop assistants, a rather less romantic reality.

So last year when I gave up Christmas shopping.

Well, when I say give up, this isn’t entirely possible, but I have managed to condense my gift list and have even added a bit of enjoyment to the process by creating my own Christmas hampers

Making homemade gifts are a much more fulfilling way to spend the lead up to Christmas, and if done to a high standard are much better than most of the crap you’ll find on a Christmas eve trip to the High Street! This has required some personal discipline, i’m not the greatest at self motivation. The process begins in August/September time when I make jams, pickles chutneys, infused oils and alcohols. This spreads the cost over the year, so I don’t end up  spending all of my money in December.homemade hamper

Here are a few of the recipes that will feature in my Christmas hampers this year:

For packaging, I wash and save all my jam jars and wine bottles so they can be used for jams and oils. Lakeland have a great selection of packaging ideas like little food safe bags to pop biscuits into. I’m a bit of a hoarder and keep my eyes peeled for pretty ribbons and bakers twine throughout the year, anything that adds that extra finishing touch. Shops like Staples and Ikea sell flat pack filing boxes which are excellent for packing it all into.

Not into baking? Here are a few crafty Christmas gift ideas

How is your Christmas preparation going? Do you make your own presents?


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2 thoughts on “Day 25: Til Christmas

  1. Ashly says:

    Great post! I always like to make my gifts for co-workers: the presents usually involve basked goods in some pretty wrapping but this year I was tempted to make granola at home and put it in cute mason jars… Making gifts is such a great way to save money and still get a gift for everyone on your list

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