Eat: Tunisian Chickpea Broth


I’m constantly ripping recipe ideas out of magazine and newspapers, with the intention of having a go at them

Most of the time these snippets either end up in the recycling bin, or shoved in some drawer (to be discover six months later, and then put in the recycling bin)

However the odd recipe does make it from printed words to the dinner table

(I have a friend who meticulously files recipe cuttings into folders, ordered by meal type, and adds notes as he samples each dish – inspirational behaviour)

Brilliant broth…

On Sunday, the Observer published their list of the 10 best broths

Among them was Jenny Chandler‘s Tunisian chickpea and lemon broth with poached egg

Ignoring the fact this is based on lablabi – a traditional Tunisian breakfast dish – I decided to try it out when a friend came over on Tuesday evening

I’m no chef, but even for me this was a really straightforward recipe, with easy-to-source ingredients (the only thing I changed was serving the bread on the side of the bowl, rather than under the broth)

And the key thing is – it tasted amazing! In fact I’m so impressed, I’ve decided to buy Jenny Chandler’s latest cook book Pulse

I’ll definitely be making the dish again soon, I’m just not sure I can ever imagine serving it for brekkie!

Do you often make dishes printed in magazines? Any recent amazing recipe discoveries? 


2 thoughts on “Eat: Tunisian Chickpea Broth

  1. elaarr says:

    Yes it’s a compulsion of mine to collect recipes, although they only make the recycling after a few years when I’ve DEFINITELY decided that I’m I’m not going to cook it. And lot of them don’t live up to the images:) probably two favourites are chick pea dhal and an onion chutney I got off the internet that was someone’s grannies age old recipe. Both very simple too

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