January: Week Two

This month we are taking part in Fat Mum Slim’s Photo A Day challenge, Here’s what we’ve been up to this week…

(You can see Week One Here)

Day 6: Happens Everyday


E – Play time with this little tinker


B – I have breakfast EVERY morning – my favourite meal of the day

Day 7: Upside Down

upside down

E – (Rushed this one!)


B – So, I’ve basically flipped a photo upside down… bit of a cheat!

Day 8: Lucky Number


E – A baker’s dozen

Windows - Guildhall, Leicester

B – I’m not sure why or when I decided ‘four’ was my favourite number… but it is!

Day 9: Natural


E -Gypsophila

Christmas tree

B – I’m feeling a little sorry for my Christmas tree… watching me from the cold outside…

Day 10: Manmade


E – Manmade sourdough loaf

Knitted tree

B – Spotted this nifty bit of yarn-bombing while walking to the shops – it’s attached to a bollard

Day 11: Looking Down

writing thank you cards

E – Writing thank you cards


B – Lovely sunny, winter morning

Day 12: Colourful


E – Watercolours


B – Fresh from Leicester Market

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2 thoughts on “January: Week Two

  1. Love your photos! Don’t know why the Gypsophila and Watercolours are my favourite. They just made me smile :) Hope 2014 is going very well – keep it up with the challenge!

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