Make: A scrapbook

you will need...

I’m off on a trip to Rye in East Sussex this week, I wanted to take a scrapbook to record memories along the way. Instead of buying a brand new sketch book I decided to recycle some old magazines, wallpaper samples and map books and create my own unique book, complete with a map of the area we are going to visit.

I find brand new sketchbooks intimidating, it’s hard to know where to start and I can never use the first page! Hopefully with a homemade book starting will be a little easier.

Heres what you will need:

  • Old magazines, wallpaper samples and any other interesting textured paper you can find around and about, different surfaces will add interest to your final book
  • Scissors
  • A needle and thread – I used embroidery thread

begin by making 4 little books-to be sewn all together

Begin by taking a selection of papers and fold them in half to create a small book, use no more than six sheets per book and be mindful that any images will be folded in half. These little books will then be sewn together to make a larger book. I made 4 little books in total. Don’t worry too much about being to neat and tidy, ripped edges and differently sized pages will add extra interest to the final book.

pierce holes in the spine of eack little book

Pierce through the spines of the books with the needle, about 5-7 holes. Do this for each little book, the aim is to get all the holes evenly in the same place for each book to create a nice neat and even spine in the finished book.

begin inside the book and sew outsew through the seams of each little book

Next take two of the little books and place side by side. Take the needle and thread, using the pre-made holes sew up inside the first book and down into the second book. Repeat this all the way down the spine of the book so you have a larger book. Pull the thread as tight as you can to add structure to the book. Repeat this process with the next two books, then sandwich these two larger books together and sew the middle two books together along the spine.diagram for bookbinding technique This diagram shows he path your needle should followthe spine of the book 

Finally, knot the thread at the end and sit back and admire your homemade book . The finished book should be quite sturdy, you can apply washi tape to the outside of the spine to protect it or leave as is so the stitching is exposed.

different textures and surfaces will add interest to your book

How do you record memories?

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