Eat: Tasty Tuesday

I’ve eaten some great food this week – from pre-theatre pizza with my mum, to catch up with university friends at a fish restaurant

For some reason I love reading food diaries in magazine or other blogs – so thought I’d just take my main meals from one day this week and share it with you

So here’s Tuesday…


B's breakfast

Pretty standard breakfast for me here – porridge with chopped up pear, blueberries and cinnamon – plus a cuppa!

Accompanied by the sound of Radio 4’s Today and a flick through Frankie magazine



Amazing sourdough bread from Hambleton Bakery – with humous, grated carrot and rocket – plus a glass of water and a healthy dose of bright Spring sunshine!

Accompanied by the last of the weekend papers and 6Music on the radio



I was very lucky to be cooked for by E in the evening – and dinner was delicious as always!

Griddled chicken in homemade pesto, courgette fritters… and some another side which had so many elements I can’t describe it, but was all very tasty indeed

Accompanied by lots of catching up, sharing ideas and me making a mess of the table cloth!

Oh yes, and then…


And being Shrove Tuesday, pudding HAD to be pancakes – piled with rhubarb with aniseed, greek yoghurt and sugared nuts


What did you have on your pancakes this year? And is it just me who likes hearing about what people have been eating?!

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4 thoughts on “Eat: Tasty Tuesday

  1. kerrycooks says:

    Love you cute rob ryan mug! We had chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes – they were amazing!

    • makedospend says:

      Yum! I love blueberries. I actually have two of those Rob Ryan mugs – both bought as gifts from different friends – they must know me well!

  2. Ooh no it’s not just you. I love ogling people’s food :-) It all looked very healthy, fresh and delicious on Tuesday! I haven’t had my pancakes yet. I wanted to make some but was too lazy because there was no one to eat them with, plus I had a stubborn cough ugh… I’ll make up for it this week I’m sure…I know it’s Lent… a bit late therefore but…. :-P

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