Visit: East Sussex

I’ve recently returned from a small Winter holiday with my Mum, spent right here in the UK. This small yet perfectly formed trip to the South East Coast of England was one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating holidays I’ve had in a long while and featured many of my favourite activities, (In no particular order) eating, wine drinking, sleeping, day dreaming, antiquing, art gallery visiting, star gazing and walking.

Here follows a few little pictures of the places we visited……..


We stayed in a cozy little house in the Ancient Town of Rye – a hilltop town, overlooking the bay. Rye is full of independently run shops and tea rooms and, refreshingly there isn’t a corporate coffee house in sight. There are also plenty of antique shops and quirky 2nd hand stores to admire. We wiled away a few happy hours exploring Rye and it’s cobbled streets.

   cobbles vintage milk bottlespeculiar antique finds

For a mere £2 you can climb your way to the top of  St Mary’s church tower. Built at the top of the hill this offers panoramic views of the town, though it’s not a climb for the faint hearted, particularly on a windy day. Our out of season visit meant that there were few tourists (other than ourselves) to contend with so we were welcomed with open arms into what is a relatively sleepy town during Winter months.view from st mary's church

Romney marshes

The landscape is quite different to here in the midlands, we were struck by a lack of hills and how the sky appears larger due to the flat, almost barren marshland. Romney marshes are home to many rare wildlife species and there is plenty to explore……Wellies are required.

hastings This little town, of 1066 fame is home to England’s largest beach launched fishing fleet, so this is certainly where the best seafood is to be found. Cockles and whelks abound and we managed to pick up two Dover sole at £6 each, a bargain! Hastings is also home to the Jerwood gallery, an amazing space quickly declared one of the best galleries we have visited in the UK for a long time

this is a working beach a pint of cocklesfresh local herringhastings seagulls

camber sands

A sandy beach with grassy dunes was a welcome change after trudging over shingle for most of our trip, although this was the only place we felt would be better visited in season as it had been hit hard by storms, on our arrival a dumper truck was in the process of removing mountains of sand from the car park and returning it to the beach. Many holiday homes had lost roofs and windows. The blue sky meant we could see all the way back over to Rye bay where we had walked the previous day.

camber sandscamber sandslittlestoneshingle

We found these delightful little beach huts as we drove along the coast, to cute not to stop and photograph. These we found on our way to a particularly magnificent part of the south east coastline, one so special that deserves it’s very own blog post… be continued……

What’s your favourite place to visit when you need to relax and unwind?

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11 thoughts on “Visit: East Sussex

  1. Janet says:

    I stayed in Rye for a few days a couple of autumns ago, it’s such a lovely town and so nice to visit out of season. You’ve made me want to go back for another look!

    • makedospend says:

      Yes, it’s such a delightful little town, I want to go back too! Although in high season I just don’t think it would be the same

  2. Lis says:

    Hey – happy memories and looking forward to the special blog …!

  3. peter wyeth says:

    Rye is ace, isn’t it? The view from the tower is wonderful. I’d have happily paid just to go up to the bell tower to see all the mechanisms and hidden places.

    • makedospend says:

      Yes, I agree! The climb up to the top was just as exciting as the view and a very unique experience, I don’t think i’ve ever climbed a church tower before!

      • peter wyeth says:

        Well on your next Norfolk visit, you should climb up the church tower in the centre of Cromer. It’s the highest in the county and the view is both amazing and scary! The descent of the winding staircase is pretty hairy too!

      • makedospend says:

        Amazing! I like the sound of that, thanks for the tip off :-)

  4. Wonderful photos! Yes we do have some wonderful spots to “staycation” in.
    I’m also partial to visiting off season. When you’re not looking for touristy things to be open, it’s such a treat to go when there aren’t many other visitors. Apart from lower prices on places to stay, you also have higher chances of meeting local people who are happy to stop and chat so you really feel like you’re not just a tourist.

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