Do: Fossil hunting in Rutland

Fossils found at Rutland Water

Inspired by the beautiful weather we had on Monday, I decided to spend today embracing the outdoors – along with friend and walking encyclopedia, Jamie from A Peaked Interest

After a scenic drive across the border into Rutland we stopped into the Finchs Arms at Hambleton for an excellent lunch…

Ciabattas packed with creamy goats cheese with roasted tomatoes, and smoked salmon with lemon creme fraiche – washed down with bitter and cranberry juice

IMG_0946 IMG_0948

The combination of the open fire and the sun streaming through the window made it tempting to stick indoors for the rest of the afternoon – but this wasn’t the name of the game

So we headed out into the beautiful sunshine, to search for fossils on the shores of Rutland Water… to discover we should’ve perhaps taken into account the recent heavy rainfall…

Rutland Water

… which had left the reservoir well topped up – and little exposed “beach” to search!


Then the sun disappeared, and the wind and rain arrived – which whipped up waves, making the reservoir look more like the sea…

Fascinating to watch and fun to be bolstered by the bracing weather, but it made searching thoroughly for fossils/staying upright a little challenging…!


(Yes, we both have yellow wellies – despite being over six years old)

We were still able to find a nice collection of treasures – a mixture of ammonite  and belemnite fragments that were dug up originally when the reservoir was built…

Fossils found at Rutland Water

I was particularly excited when I found the belemnite as I was convinced it was a dinosaur tooth – Jamie put me right immediately (although apparently the Saxons thought they were thunder bolts… so I’m not the most stupidest)

Despite being battered by wind and rain, we pressed on with our walk along the edge of Rutland Water – and bizarrely found the other side of the peninsula we were on seemed to have a completely different climate…

Wellies at Rutland Water!Rutland Water

There was also lots more wildlife to take in – from Egyptian geese to rabbits

However it wasn’t long until the rain started up again and we decided we’d burned enough energy to warrant cake and coffee in nearby Oakham

Rutland Water

A afternoon day out – just bring on the summer weather!

Where would you recommend fossil hunting?

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6 thoughts on “Do: Fossil hunting in Rutland

  1. Sounds like a lovely way to spend a day!

  2. Janet says:

    What a fabulous use of your day off. Makes me want to put my wellies on and go foraging for fossils immediately.

  3. Now I want yellow wellies… I don’t think I’ve ever even seen them in adult sizes!

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