Visit: Dungeness


Ok, so I’m eking out my visit to East Sussex, but we have to talk about Dungeness, my favourite of all the places we visited during our holiday, if you haven’t visited already you must go.

Right now!

Set in the shadow of a looming nuclear power station and a lighthouse that throws a beam for 17 miles Dungeness is bleak, eerie place and enticingly unusual. Its flat, barren landscape exposes an enormous expanse of sky and it’s ever growing shingle beach scattered with the remains of abandoned boats and fishing paraphernalia is one of the largest in Europe.  The arid landscape, fuelled by battering winds during winter and persistent sunshine through summer make it the UK’s only desert.

It’s a uniquely strange place.

Despite this, Dungeness is home to a unique variety of wildlife and a fair few people too, most famously the late Derek Jarman whose modest little fisherman’s hut Prospect Cottage, famed for it’s beautifully crafted garden is host to a huge range of rare and beautiful wildflowers, all planted by Jarman.

On the Subject of Derek Jarman’s wildflowers, I received an amazing gift from my friend H this week. Perhaps because I had been banging on about the wonders of Dungeness whilst never actually getting around to writing a blog post about it, or perhaps (and more likely!) because she’s brilliant, I now have some Californian poppy seeds to sew in my garden this spring, so although I did not see Dungeness in all it’s wildflower glory, I’ll have a little bit of Dungeness in my garden this summer, and hopefully summers to follow!



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8 thoughts on “Visit: Dungeness

  1. shazzarob says:

    Amazing pictures.looks such an interesting place. In fact i just read an Article in The Simple Things mag about a couple of interior designers who have done up a hut made from train carriages there.x

    • makedospend says:

      Thank you!
      Isn’t it fascinating? The little cottages and huts were amazing to see, some were still under construction and so much creativity and thought had gone into them.
      I’m not sure I would want to live there though, it’s a little to far away from civilisation for me! x

  2. Well worth the wait. I think i’m going to buy some black and yellow paint this weekend and bring a little Dungeness to Desberg to.

    • makedospend says:

      All we need is a few pebbles, black and yellow paint, Californian poppy seeds, a little wind…..and we are away! Dungeness in our gardens instantly, who new it could be so simple! :-)

  3. peter wyeth says:

    Dungeness is such an amazing place, it’s like being on the moon! A trip up the lighthouse, fish and chips in The Pilot, a wander among ‘the sheds’ and a paddle in the sea – a wonderful day out!

    • makedospend says:

      Yes, It’s totally otherworldly! I’d love to go back in the summer when the flowers are in bloom and the lighthouse and train are open to the public. :-)
      We missed fish and chips at The Pilot, so that’s another good excuse to return!

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