SNAP: Reflections


In the last few months I seem to have become fascinated with capturing reflections

Whether it’s water, windows or mirrors, I can’t help myself!

It doesn’t always result in a great shot – but it’s been a fun way to get used to the new camera I bought at the beginning of the year

I think I especially like the shots that appear to be double or triple exposures – they have a kind of dreamy quality to them

So I thought I’d share a few of the shots…

IMG_0788IMG_0534 IMG_0476 IMG_0461IMG_0689 IMG_0686

Photos: my reflection in a train window; stairs in the Musical Instruments Museum, Brussels; railway tracks through a window, a gas tower reflected in a puddle, east London; the same gas tower reflected in the window of The Oval venue; a duck reflecting in Bruges (see what I did there?); a tower in the water in Bruges

What’s inspiring you to get snapping recently?

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One thought on “SNAP: Reflections

  1. Janet says:

    Lovely photographs. I love when I look through my camera and realise I’ve accidentally taken lots along the same theme – at the moment mine seems to be signs.

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