Do: Enjoy your surroundings


I love my garden  – I feel so lucky to have my own little green space to enjoy at my leisure

But sometimes I have to remind myself of this – it’s easy to get used to our environment and fail to notice what makes a place special

Last Sunday we were lucky to have a blast of beautiful sunshine in Leicester, so I took the opportunity to really embrace my garden

I took a proper close-up look at the plants and wildlife they attracted, looked up into the bright blue sky, took advantage of the sun’s heat to dry my laundry, and enjoyed an afternoon picnic (without the need to actually get dressed and travel anywhere!)

If only the weather forecast looked quite so optimistic this weekend!

IMG_1161 IMG_1165 IMG_1166 IMG_1169 IMG_1172 IMG_1174 IMG_1177 IMG_1180 IMG_1187


Do you have a garden? Do you make the most of it? Where’s the first place you head for a summer picnic?

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4 thoughts on “Do: Enjoy your surroundings

  1. Great photos and I love that ladybug and bee, you’re a great photographer!
    Diana xo

  2. Lovely photos as always. The bug shots are so cool and I especially like the clothes hung on the line. Very playful and real! We have a little garden and its full of strawberry bushes, weeds, rose bushes and some sort of spice. When we lived in Trinidad, the first place we head to for a picnic was the Botanical Gardens. It’s very pretty and peaceful. We haven’t found a new picnic spot since moving to the US though. Still to be discovered.

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