Do: Leicester Riverside Festival

Riverside Festival 2014

Yesterday started off absolutely miserably in Leicester – I am definitely not a fan of the rain – but by mid-afternoon things had brightened considerable

So I abandoned my half-tidied house (you know the point when you’ve pulled everything out of a cupboard and are in absolute despair…) and set off on my bike to the city’s Riverside Festival

The annual event offers a mixture of pretty canal boats, live entertainment, tempting food stalls, community groups and local artists selling their wares

It’s a great social event and part of the fun is wandering around, bumping into friends and acquaintances along the way (including E and C… okay, that wasn’t a coincidental meeting)

IMG_1193 IMG_1206 IMG_1208

So what was the highlight of this year’s festival?

It could’ve been the crazy home-made bikes on display, it could’ve been getting a henna tattoo on my wrist (I can NEVER resist), or it could’ve been seeing a mind-boggling raccoon dog for the first time (seriously, you have to see this)

But if I’m honest, it was probably buying homemade ice-cream from an ice-cream boat…!

IMG_1203 IMG_1200IMG_1201

(E went for Lemon Meringue, I went for Top Banana)

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5 thoughts on “Do: Leicester Riverside Festival

  1. it’s not like the untidiness will up and leave if you don’t get to it right away, right? Glad you decided to go to the festival. :)
    Diana xo

  2. LucyP says:

    Looks lovely, glad it brightened up, Never seen an ice cream boat there before! x

  3. Janet says:

    It’s terrible, but I’ve never been to Riverside festival. Every year I seem to be away and yep, this year I was yet again out of Leicester. I really do need to do my utmost to be there in 2015 (you watch – now it’ll rain next year!)

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