Photo an Hour: Frankfurt

Just a little over a month ago now C and I went on a whistle stop tour of Germany for a wedding, travelling on Friday June 13th threw up many interesting challenges, not least getting lost in a Bavarian forest! We arrived unscathed and had a wonderful weekend helping our friends celebrate tying the knot. We had allowed for an extra day in Germany so we could make the most of having a long weekend break and so we could have a cheeky explore, We headed to frankfurt for a night and a day, here’s how we spent our day in Frankfurt…

view from our hotel room

7.45: The view from our hotel room

holiday essentials

8.20: My holiday essentials include: factor 30 suncream, (I don’t tan, I burn) sunglasses, a good book and a guidebook, though i’m yet to find one that’s to be trusted!Frankfurt underground

9.05: We brave the Frankfurt underground, which had let us down just a few days previously!

Zeit Für Brot- Oeder Weg- Frankfurt

10.14 Breakfast at the delightful Zeit Für Brot. I opted for an apple and cinnamon roll. Simply amazinga stroll down the river Main

11.37: We take a stroll down the River Main in the sunshine

montag geschlossen

12.05: We go in search of some culture and decide to hit some museums and in the process learn a new german phrase ‘Montags geschlossen’ = closed on Mondays, fairly obvious in hindsight!

church window

1pm: Luckily, churches are always open so we have a good nose around the Epiphany church. I really love the painted stained glass windows  homemade rosemary lemonade

2.10: Refreshments in the form of home-made lemonade. I opt for lemon and rosemary which is absolutely delicious

zebra- frankfurt Zoo

3.20 We head to frankfurt zoo, a great place to while away an hour…..little birds, frankfurt Zoo

4.25: or two!

Strawberries - Berger Strasse, frankfurt

5.30: we take a stroll down Berger Strass a popular foodie hotspot in frankfurt, theres an array of fresh produce, flowers but we have quite specific dinner plan in mind….sausage and sauerkraut

6.45: We finally track down a restaurant that sells frankfurters (Harder than you would expect in Frankfurt!) So dinner is traditional German sausages and sauerkraut! I only manage abut half of this dish, it was incredibly tasty if more than a little touristy!

the train ride home

7.25: Sadly the time has come to start on the journey home, now experts at German train routes we head back to the airport and manage not to get lost this time!departure lounge

8.15: Just time for a glass of wine and a catch up with Gatsby whilst we wait for our flight to be called


9.05: Hometime

On a sad note, this was the last outing for the sony a37 and 50mm lens, they have left me, goodbye old friends


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2 thoughts on “Photo an Hour: Frankfurt

  1. Janet says:

    B told me about what happened to your camera :( That totally sucks, I hope your insurance will cover a new one.

    One a brighter note, I love these photo-an-hour peeks into people’s lives, and all the more so when it’s an out of the ordinary day like yours.

    • makedospend says:

      Thank you Janet, it was all a bit of a nightmare but I finally have a new camera now so hopefully plenty more photo an hour posts to come!

      I’m sorry to have missed catching up with you and Laura the other weekend, you’re letterpress prints look amazing!

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