Eat: Breakfast in Amsterdam

dried hydrangeaIMG_2664

Take two bloggers with a love of food and photography, stick them in a beautiful apartment in Amsterdam, and take away their usual early alarm… and what do you get?

You get three mornings of wonderfully lazy and tasty breakfasts – and daily food photo-shoots to accompany them, of course!

It was such a luxury to be able to leisurely tuck in to fresh bread and hot tea, while listening to music and planning out our adventures for the day

And, as lovely as it is to have someone cook for you, so enjoyable to feel at home and be able to wear pajamas to the table without any odd looks from other hotel guests!

fresh read from the bakeryIMG_2675

The baked goods came from the organic bakery, Hartog’s Volkoren, just five minutes walk from our apartment (we lucked out there!)

Neither of us had tried multiseed brown croissants before – they definitely tasted like a healthier alternative to the usual type – although perhaps not once we’d smothered them in honey

There was also a traditional bread baked with a sugary mix of hazlenuts and dried fruit running through it, which needed nothing else spread on it

And every day we had the creamiest greek yoghurt, which was just from an Albery Heijn supermarket but was some of the tastiest either of us had ever had

Here’s a taste of the apartment and our mornings in Amsterdam…

kettle on the stovebreakfast day 1apartmentIMG_2653IMG_2774 2breakfast day twoIMG_2682

And all excellent fuel for a day of sightseeing, shopping and tackling the tandem riding!

How does your holiday breakfast routine differ from the usual…?


2 thoughts on “Eat: Breakfast in Amsterdam

  1. Laura says:

    Yum yum – i remember the breakfasts in Holland are really lovely and that bread… i really want to go back!

  2. Ooh everything looks delicious!

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