What B Saw: Amsterdam

Amsterdam canalAmsterdam rooftopsCar on Amsterdam streetBuilding on Amsterdam canalShoes at an Amsterdam marketRecords in an Amsterdam marketSunglasses in an Amsterdam marketBulbs at the Amsterdam flower marketFlowers in AmsterdamCacti at Amsterdam flower marketMan and pigeon at Amsterdam marketBoxes at marketBuilding in AmsterdamTree rootsE in the RijksmuseumBuildings in AmsterdamShop window in AmsterdamSunset in Amsterdam

I love Amsterdam –  like, really love Amsterdam

So when E and I decided to book tickets to see Kasabian on their European tour, I was more than happy to make that our destination of choice – despite having only visited 18 months earlier

I lost track of the number of times uttered the words, ‘I want to live here’ during our four day trip – and for every time I said it, I thought it at least five times over

It’s such a picturesque place, wherever you look the aesthetics are pleasing – from the piles of typically Dutch bikes to the stylishly dressed locals, from the iconic canals to the beautiful architecture

Sure, there’s some aspects of Amsterdam that I don’t find so appealing – but we had the most lovely time eating good food, absorbing art and history, browsing eclectic market stalls and mastering the tandem!

I didn’t want to leave, and I can’t wait to go back!

P.S. See E’s photos here, and read about my last visit to Amsterdam here!


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