Make: Easy Printed Christmas wrapping paper

all wrapped and ready to goSo, How’s your christmas prep going?

I do hope you are just about there with all shopping, crafting, cooking et al. It’s a hectic time of year and regardless of how well prepared you are, it seems to me there is always something that gets forgotten. Be it the crackers or the sprouts, the socks you forgot to buy your boyfriend (Only joking C!) or running out of ribbon when you’ve only one parcel left to wrap. It can all get a little tense and anything that saves time is a winner in my view. I’m usually pretty prepared when it comes to homemade gifts, however this year, not so much. I’ve plumped for quite a few time saving recipes that can be made at short notice and simply without too much stress if one happens to be under duress.

christmas craft in progressThis DIY came from a desire to jazz up some parcel paper at short notice, not that there is anything wrong with parcel paper, quite the opposite in fact, i’m a big fan. However i’ve been using it for many years and wanted to add a different touch. Plus i’m a little bit in love with triangles right now and their simple, elegant geometry

This is so simple it’s ridiculous, we’ve all done potato printing when we were kids right? Relief printing at its most basic, here’s how to create a golden forest on paper in around 15 minutes to add a final flourish to your already magnificently crafted and considered gifts. A little icing on the cake if you will. In fact if you have some to hand, why not task the kids with creating your wrapping paper for you whilst you sit back and enjoy a glass of sherry? I don’t have any kids handy, and i don’t really trust the cat to help (though she really did want to give it a go) It’s a fun project for adults too and a little bit of mindless craft can always relieve a lot of stress

relief printing with potatoesYou will need

  • A potato
  • A sharp knife
  • Ink stamp (Mine came from Hema on our recent trip to Amsterdam, Tiger also have a glorious range)
  • Paper to print onto: brown parcel, lining paper, the world is your oyster
  • General present wrapping equipment such as scissors, cello tape, ribbon/twine etc.

Cut the potato in half, use the knife mark out the desired shape which is to be inked, carve away the surrounding area that is not to be inked. Blot any excess moisture from the surface of the potato, plunge potato into ink stamp, and you are away!Christmas gifts

Other Make, Do and Spend quick crafty christmas ideas include:


What are your tips for a stress free Christmas?

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2 thoughts on “Make: Easy Printed Christmas wrapping paper

  1. Janet says:

    This looks both stunning and really, really easy – crafting gold! I’m a massive fan of brown paper at Christmas and have used some variation on it for the past few years: this year, with sumptuous dark red ribbon tied lavishly, to offset the plain paper. But I think next year I might get a spud and get printing…

    • makedospend says:

      Thank you Janet, and yes, so simple! A pencil with a rubber at the end works well too! Long live the brown parcel paper. Hope you have an amazing Christmas and hope to catch up with you very soon in the new year xx

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