Looking Back: a year of blogging

Merry Christmas this year (as ever, we ended up being too busy to post!) but we’re just in time to offer you a very happy New Year!

And before we look ahead to 2015, we thought a review of some of our posts over the past 12 months was in order…


B was visiting Brussels on the cheap and E was making sour cherry and apple bircher muesli


E was displaying homemade jam jar planters, while B was sharing her favourite quotes


B was fossil hunting on the shores of Rutland Water and E was doodling with pancakes


B spent some time reflecting through a lens and E was reporting back from holidaying in East Sussex

green garlic pesto

E made some tasty green garlic pesto from her garden and B went walking with owls (really, it’s a thing!)


We both went to Leicester’s annual Art House exhibition and canal festival  – and E made a mocktail to enjoy the weather with

E took hourly snaps of her trip to Frankfurt and B had fun on the trains at Indietracks festival

white peaches and lavender

E shared a recipe for white peach, honey and lavender sorbet and B gave some advice on keeping your feet dry!


A guest allotment recipe post and B shared a few tips for staying healthy while working on the road


B posted some food recommendations from her trip to South Africa and E made maple and pecan madeleines with some vintage bakeware


We visited Amsterdam and ate our way through the city, as well as taking plenty of photos

earl grey tea vodka, tea party

E was making Earl Grey vodka and geometric stamps for wrapping paper


5 thoughts on “Looking Back: a year of blogging

  1. Ruth says:

    A review of the year is a lovely idea – thank you for featuring me! Happy New Year to both of you :-)

  2. Janet says:

    I love blog reviews at the end of the year – such a nice way to remind ourselves as writers of the adventures we’ve had, and a good chance as a reader to catch up on anything we might have missed. Happy New Year!

    • makedospend says:

      Happy new year to you too Janet! Yes its great to look back and reflect on all we have done and the possibilities of future adventures! Hope to catch up with you soon :-)

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