Something for Sunday 2

Short film: B: I can’t promise you a happy ending to this love story – but Sean Cunningham’s ‘This is Where We Met’ is a simple and effective three minutes of storytelling

Radio: B: As I continue to catch up on podcasts, I’m loving NPR’s new offering – Invisibilia. It’s about the intangible things that shape human behaviour and has some fascinating interviews – including one with a woman who can’t feel fear (which isn’t as good as it sounds!)

Instagram: E: One of my favourite weekend pastimes is to gaze in admiration upon the photography and homemade bread wizardry of  Richard Caddick 

Reading: E: I’ve been poorly this week so have been mostly sleeping and reading, it usually takes me a few weeks to get through a book but in the last few days I’ve romped through two!

  • The Fault In Our Stars by John Green the tale of two love struck teenagers who meet in a cancer support group. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and was not disappointed, Its brilliant, funny, tragic and heartwarming.
  • Elizabeth Is Missing the debut novel from Emma Healey is one of the most unorthodox mystery novels i’ve ever read, it’s the story of maud an elderly lady who’s ‘a bit forgetful’ and draws upon childhood memories to solve the mystery of the whereabouts of her friend and ultimately an unsolved mystery from her past too. I really loved this book, whilst portraying a heartrendingly honest account of what its like to age and decend into dementia it’s also a darkly humorous and a compelling read.

One thought on “Something for Sunday 2

  1. I keep meaning to have a listen to Invisiblia, sounds pretty interesting from the clips I’ve heard on Michigan radio.

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