Something for Sunday 3

Short film: B: Not new, but new to me – this is a really great, funny short. I can’t imagine how long it took to set up each of those individual shots for just a few seconds of a scene. Three minutes of your life you won’t regret dedication to watching!

Music: B: On Thursday I went to see Public Service Broadcasting at the National Space Centre – a very fitting venue for the launch of their latest album The Race For Space. This Leicester Mercury review gives a good flavour of what was an excellent evening of music, among an audience heavily leaning towards men in thick-rimmed glasses! Well worth catching live if you can.

Theatre: B: I’ve not seen the musical Blood Brothers, so I only had a vague grasp of the plot before I went to see the original play version on Saturday night. A great production from the amateur group The Festival Players – which unfortunately has finished now, but I’d recommend catching the show if it’s staged near you – very funny script, despite tragic plot points.

reading: E: I stumbled upon this article about productivity, I really think the idea of making a “have done” list rather than a “too do” list is a brilliant way to focus on what you have achieved rather than what remains undone during the course of a day. I’m also looking forward to reading The Last Days Of Rabbit Hayes starting any day now, it’s on my “To do” list!

Instagram: E: I just returned from a visit to London and Borough market, I am now officially obsessed with Bread ahead and now I’ve returned to Leicester all I can do is gasp in wonder at their glorious doughnuts via the marvel that is instagram!


One thought on “Something for Sunday 3

  1. Janet says:

    Ooh, I have The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes on my to-read pile at the moment, too! Sarah Rooftops recommended it to me. And what a shame I didn’t know about the Public Service Broadcasting gig, Thomas loves them!

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