Do: The big blog clothes swap

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Last month we took part in the Big Blog Clothes Swap, an exciting experiment organised by Janet from Words That Can Only Be Your Own and Stephanie from The Wardrobe Angel.

The idea was simple – send in your measurements, get twinned with another similarly proportioned blogger, send off a parcel clothes you no longer wear, get your own exciting package in the post!

E was partnered with Elise and B with Stephanie – both stylish ladies, so we felt a little pressured!

This kind of project is completely up our street, but we found there were some other surprising outcomes from taking part…

  1. It made us realise how particular clothes hold special memories – and were difficult to part with
  2. We rediscovered clothes we hadn’t worn for ages – but actually still like and fit well
  3. Having looked through our piles of clothes ready for the charity shops, we ended up holding our own clothes swap – E now has B’s jeans and B has E’s skirt!
  4. We were challenged to try new styles and questioned whether we’d got stuck in a style rut
  5. Despite the ‘fresh’ Spring weather, we actually quite enjoyed doing some outfit posts – and might look to do more in the future…
  6. … but maybe next time we’ll actually iron the clothes/put make-up on!

So here’s a selection of some of our outfits – a combination of swaps…

b outfit 1.1b outfit 1

B Wears: Dress – H&M via Stephanie’s wardrobe, bag – vintage

e outfit 1 E outfit 1 1

E Wears: Knitwear- H & M Shirt – Asos both via Elise’s wardrobe, jeans- Topshop via B’s wardrobe

b outfit 2

b outfit 2

B wears: Skirt – Primark via E’s wardrobe, necklace – via Stephanie’s wardrobe, top and hat – H&M, watch – Uniform Wares

e outfit 2 e outfit 2

E wears: Dress- Dorothy Perkins via Elise’s wardrobe


B wears: Knitwear – Dorothy Perkins via E’s wardrobe, dress – charity shop find

e outfit 3e outfit 3

E wears: Dress Marks and Spencers, via Elise’s wardrobe

Did you take part in the swap? We’d love to see the results…

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6 thoughts on “Do: The big blog clothes swap

  1. Stephanie says:

    I’m so glad you’ve used the necklace! It’s from Antiform. Never quite worked on me – think due to my rather large chest the baubles added volume that was not needed! Looks grand paired with that top. Hurrah for the swap!

  2. Janet says:

    This was so fun to see – I love all the new looks, but especially the striped top/skirt/necklace combo on B and the fabulous polka dot dress on E (I know, not exactly a surprise that I went for the stripes and the dots!). Thanks so much for taking part, and I’m glad it was a positive experience.

  3. Elise says:

    Yay you guys look fab! I’m glad you like the black dress, I really wanted it to work on me but it never quite looked right. Steph sent some amazing things! :)

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