VISIT: Copenhagen – Part One

Last September I spent an amazing couple of weeks in South Africa with my mum – and we had so much fun (and earned so many flight points) that we figured this holidaying together thing was worth making an annual tradition

So a few weeks ago we headed to the Danish capital of Copenhagen, arriving late Tuesday afternoon and leaving early Friday afternoon

We rented a beautiful apartment in the upmarket town of Hellerup, just a short train/bus journey outside the city centre and close to the beach

I love finding travel recommentations from other bloggers, so always aim to pass on my own experiences in the hope I can in some way return the favour

Here’s a taster of our holiday, in brief…

TUESDAY – evening

Pizza and pasta Park in Hellerup

I love that my mum is the kind of person who is more than happy to shun a posh restaurant to eat pizza on a park bench

And what a pizza – and dish of stuffed pasta – it was!

It was Tripadvisor reviews which led us to Franco Delicatezze – and a mixture of indecision and hunger which led us to order so much food

Eaten in a nearby park, where this couple lying by the pond (photo above) seemed to have moved their duvet from their bed to the grass

WEDNESDAY – morning

Danish pastries and coffee Nyhavn Nyhavn

Our full first day started with a breakfast of muesli and fruit at the apartment, before making our way into the city

After buying open top bus tickets for the day, we found ourselves with 20 minutes to kill and decided this was best spent sampling our first Danish pastries in the sunshine – who knew the coffee would also come with biscuits!

We then hopped across to Nyhavn – a colourful harbourside which was once home to Hans Christian Andersen, but now is a great place to eat, shop and stroll

Kastellet Kastellet The Little Mermaid

Next we took a short bus trip to the edge of what we thought was just a public park, but turned out to be the Kastellet – a fortress in a star shape

It now contains military barracks and offices but is open to the public – I loved the symmetry in some of the buildings

And then we wandered on to Copenhagen’s most famous landmark, The Little Mermaid

She was easy to find – we just followed the trail of other tourists!

WEDNESDAY – afternoon

Lunch at SMK SMK - The National Gallery of Denmark SMK - The National Gallery of Denmark

Another quick hop on/off the tourist bus and we arrived outside the National Gallery of Denmark (aka SMK)

Before taking in just a small proportion of the country’s largest art gallery, we were in need of nourishment so sat down for a smoked ham, fennel and chutney sandwich in the cafe

I was far too excited about pouring my mineral water from a carton rather than a bottle – it’s the little things that please

View from SMK - The National Gallery of Denmark IMG_1463

It really was a stunning day and I loved how relaxed people outside the museum seemed – sipping juices and dangling their feet in the pool outside

We were tempted to join in, but instead headed to the beautiful gardens across the road, which surround Rosenborg Castle

The castle is open to visitors and we took a tour of the wonderfully preserved rooms – our favourite being one full of mirrors, which created an unusual optical illusion – and saw some of the crown jewels

WEDNESDAY – evening

Panto at Tivoli Tivoli by night

Our final destination for the day was somewhere we’d probably been looking forward to visiting the most – Tivoli Gardens

The second oldest amusement park in the world, it’s said to have inspired Disneyland

Arriving while it was still light, we wandered round watching (rather than riding!) the varied mix of rollercoasters and spinning contraptions, before settling down to watch a panto-ballet show on the beautiful peacock stage

After a tasty al fresco dinner at Restaurant Groften, we sought out a home-made icecream cafe and wandered round the park once again, now transformed by thousands of colourful lights

Charming and magical – it’s a must visit

Standby for part two of our Copenhagen adventures… but until then, I’d love to know about your experiences of the city

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3 thoughts on “VISIT: Copenhagen – Part One

  1. What a gorgeous trip! I’ve long wanted to visit Denmark. :)

  2. FMCGmum says:

    Beautiful city. We decided to visit National Aquarium. Worth seeing. They had plans to extend it by 2016. At the time there was interesting exhibition in the city centre about wedding traditions in different countries all over the world.Great experience .Had a great time at the beach. Would love to go back again one day.

  3. jbistheinitial says:

    I visited last summer and was lukewarm about it, to be honest, and I can’t really put my finger on why! We’d travelled there from Amsterdam, which we both love, and were pretty tired by the time we got there, so maybe that’s why. Also, vegan food turned out to be tricky to find. Lovely parks, though, and I found Christiana Town fascinating.

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