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Looking Back: 2015

Happy new year to all! As we head into 2016 we thought we would have a little look back at all the Make, Do and spend activities over the last year…..

sharpen pencils


Getting Organised

blood orange and pistachio cakes


Blood orange, almond and Pistachio Cakes and Rhubarb Rum

b outfit 2


The Big Clothes swap  & an exclusive interview with Richard III on the day of his burial



A guest Post from our Friend Holly Loves Cake & Those Doughnuts 



Bluebell Woods

elderflower sugar 1


Elderflower Sugar & Mango Frozen Yoghurt 



B & E do Italy, plus Jam Tarts  & Macarons

watermelon cake 5


Watermelon Cake



B Visited Copenhagen, E made Elderberry Vodka



Pumpkin & Spice Sugar Buns


What November?!

grown up hot chocolate


Amaretto Hot Chocolate

All best wishes for 2016!

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Do: The big blog clothes swap

fashion grid

Last month we took part in the Big Blog Clothes Swap, an exciting experiment organised by Janet from Words That Can Only Be Your Own and Stephanie from The Wardrobe Angel.

The idea was simple – send in your measurements, get twinned with another similarly proportioned blogger, send off a parcel clothes you no longer wear, get your own exciting package in the post!

E was partnered with Elise and B with Stephanie – both stylish ladies, so we felt a little pressured!

This kind of project is completely up our street, but we found there were some other surprising outcomes from taking part…

  1. It made us realise how particular clothes hold special memories – and were difficult to part with
  2. We rediscovered clothes we hadn’t worn for ages – but actually still like and fit well
  3. Having looked through our piles of clothes ready for the charity shops, we ended up holding our own clothes swap – E now has B’s jeans and B has E’s skirt!
  4. We were challenged to try new styles and questioned whether we’d got stuck in a style rut
  5. Despite the ‘fresh’ Spring weather, we actually quite enjoyed doing some outfit posts – and might look to do more in the future…
  6. … but maybe next time we’ll actually iron the clothes/put make-up on!

So here’s a selection of some of our outfits – a combination of swaps…

b outfit 1.1b outfit 1

B Wears: Dress – H&M via Stephanie’s wardrobe, bag – vintage

e outfit 1 E outfit 1 1

E Wears: Knitwear- H & M Shirt – Asos both via Elise’s wardrobe, jeans- Topshop via B’s wardrobe

b outfit 2

b outfit 2

B wears: Skirt – Primark via E’s wardrobe, necklace – via Stephanie’s wardrobe, top and hat – H&M, watch – Uniform Wares

e outfit 2 e outfit 2

E wears: Dress- Dorothy Perkins via Elise’s wardrobe


B wears: Knitwear – Dorothy Perkins via E’s wardrobe, dress – charity shop find

e outfit 3e outfit 3

E wears: Dress Marks and Spencers, via Elise’s wardrobe

Did you take part in the swap? We’d love to see the results…

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Do: Get organised

sharpen pencils

It’s been a little quiet of late on the make do and spend front, January has found me penniless and wanting to curl up in a ball and hibernate. I’ve busied myself with the indoor activity of getting organised and in so doing have performed something of a minor miracle.

I cleaned out my room of mess.

I first wrote of the room of mess in February 2013 where I talked of my plans to attack the mess. It has remained in a constant state of mess ever since, in fact the chaos has accumulated since I moved into my little house nearly 5 years ago……that is until now.

So, here’s a little peek at how it has existed for the last 4 and a half years, painful and shameful viewing I’m sure you will agree


As you can see, this was no small undertaking. I attacked it over a few painful weeks with small flurries of cleansing, tidying, determination, disgust and self loathing followed by a massive sense of accomplishment as the job got closer to completion


…….And here is how it looks today! Hooray for organisation!

So, now we re-name this room E’s study and I can get on with the fun task of making the room pretty and of course, blog worthy

Let’s take a moment to remember William Morris’ wise words “Have nothing in your house that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

I’m sure he did not have a magpie like myself in mind when he wrote this

finishing touches 

This morning I indulged in the smile pleasure of sharpening all the pencil crayons I had unearthed during the cleanse. A completely rock and roll way to spend a sunday morning I tell you! Then I set about creating little homes for the pencils to live in by upcycling some old tin cans that were lurking in the kitchen (once a hoarder, always a hoarder) out came the masking tape (Of which, post cleanse I find I have six rolls) and paint tester pots (Best not to ask how many of these were discovered)

recycle tin cans


paint tin cans




new home for pencils

So now all my pens, pencils and paintbrushes have new homes and the world is a better place

Roll on payday and get me back too the pub!


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Do: Look up!


Sometimes when I’m walking along the street I play a game

It’s really very simple – as I stroll along I make sure my head is lifted up and as I pass by someone else I look at their face and attempt to make eye contact

And if I get it, I smile – and if it’s early in the day, maybe even throw in a ‘good morning’

(For some reason I never quite know what to say post-12pm, ‘hello’ seems a bit awkward and ‘good afternoon’, very formal!)

Sometimes my smile is met with an unfriendly deadpan stare, sometimes people look away awkwardly, sometimes they genuinely look surprised that you’re acknowledging them 

I win the game if I get them to smile back

Try it – you’ll be surprised by how many people walk along staring at their feet – or at their phone

As well as the dangerous possibility of walking into the road, they’re missing so much of the world around them!

And if you do get a friendly response, you’ll be amazed by how much it can brighten your day

On a vaguely related note

The perils of not looking up when you’re taking trendy shoe shots…


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Watch: Safe House

This is a call out to anyone in or near Leicester today… if you’re not doing anything tonight then I’d massively recommend spending 40 minutes of your life watching Safe House!

Created by Leicester-based theatre company Metro-Boulot-Dodo, this is an incredible outdoor performance which mixes music, recorded speech, visual projection and aerial dance

It explores our emotional ties to where we live and the differences between a ‘house’ and a ‘home’

It’s already toured around the country (you can see some clips from Stockton in the video above) and this weekend forms part of Leicester’s City Festival


I went along last night (see rubbish phone photo above!) and thoroughly enjoyed it

It really was visually stunning and like nothing else I’d seen in the city, especially as it was based around a large purpose-built house structure, which had been erected in an old car park

Tonight is your last night to see the (FREE!) show in Leicester – I’d recommend wrapping up, it pains me to say it, but I think summer is coming to an end

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