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We’ve moved… to The Weekend

1So you might have noticed we’ve not been hanging around these parts lately…

It’s not you, it’s us. It started with us both being busy with work, then we let a few others things get in the way… and then we just lost a bit of momentum.

But luckily with the New Year came a new enthusiasm for writing and creativity – plus a new idea for an online home. Similar, but different. And now it’s ready to share.

We love this space, and all the brilliant people we’ve met along the way, friendships and connections that would never have happened were it not for Make, Do and Spend.

We have learnt so much over the last few years. And now we’re a little older, a little wiser and a little braver.

So we still plan to work together and we’ll still continue to make, do and spend – just in a different location where we have a little more space to grow, create and be ourselves.

If you’ve enjoyed this blog, would like see what we actually look like (we’ve always been shy creatures on this blog!) and love being part of a creative community, please follow us to The Weekend Collective– we’d love to have you on board!



Do: The big blog clothes swap

fashion grid

Last month we took part in the Big Blog Clothes Swap, an exciting experiment organised by Janet from Words That Can Only Be Your Own and Stephanie from The Wardrobe Angel.

The idea was simple – send in your measurements, get twinned with another similarly proportioned blogger, send off a parcel clothes you no longer wear, get your own exciting package in the post!

E was partnered with Elise and B with Stephanie – both stylish ladies, so we felt a little pressured!

This kind of project is completely up our street, but we found there were some other surprising outcomes from taking part…

  1. It made us realise how particular clothes hold special memories – and were difficult to part with
  2. We rediscovered clothes we hadn’t worn for ages – but actually still like and fit well
  3. Having looked through our piles of clothes ready for the charity shops, we ended up holding our own clothes swap – E now has B’s jeans and B has E’s skirt!
  4. We were challenged to try new styles and questioned whether we’d got stuck in a style rut
  5. Despite the ‘fresh’ Spring weather, we actually quite enjoyed doing some outfit posts – and might look to do more in the future…
  6. … but maybe next time we’ll actually iron the clothes/put make-up on!

So here’s a selection of some of our outfits – a combination of swaps…

b outfit 1.1b outfit 1

B Wears: Dress – H&M via Stephanie’s wardrobe, bag – vintage

e outfit 1 E outfit 1 1

E Wears: Knitwear- H & M Shirt – Asos both via Elise’s wardrobe, jeans- Topshop via B’s wardrobe

b outfit 2

b outfit 2

B wears: Skirt – Primark via E’s wardrobe, necklace – via Stephanie’s wardrobe, top and hat – H&M, watch – Uniform Wares

e outfit 2 e outfit 2

E wears: Dress- Dorothy Perkins via Elise’s wardrobe


B wears: Knitwear – Dorothy Perkins via E’s wardrobe, dress – charity shop find

e outfit 3e outfit 3

E wears: Dress Marks and Spencers, via Elise’s wardrobe

Did you take part in the swap? We’d love to see the results…

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Looking Back: a year of blogging

Merry Christmas this year (as ever, we ended up being too busy to post!) but we’re just in time to offer you a very happy New Year!

And before we look ahead to 2015, we thought a review of some of our posts over the past 12 months was in order…


B was visiting Brussels on the cheap and E was making sour cherry and apple bircher muesli


E was displaying homemade jam jar planters, while B was sharing her favourite quotes


B was fossil hunting on the shores of Rutland Water and E was doodling with pancakes


B spent some time reflecting through a lens and E was reporting back from holidaying in East Sussex

green garlic pesto

E made some tasty green garlic pesto from her garden and B went walking with owls (really, it’s a thing!)


We both went to Leicester’s annual Art House exhibition and canal festival  – and E made a mocktail to enjoy the weather with

E took hourly snaps of her trip to Frankfurt and B had fun on the trains at Indietracks festival

white peaches and lavender

E shared a recipe for white peach, honey and lavender sorbet and B gave some advice on keeping your feet dry!


A guest allotment recipe post and B shared a few tips for staying healthy while working on the road


B posted some food recommendations from her trip to South Africa and E made maple and pecan madeleines with some vintage bakeware


We visited Amsterdam and ate our way through the city, as well as taking plenty of photos

earl grey tea vodka, tea party

E was making Earl Grey vodka and geometric stamps for wrapping paper

Eat: Breakfast in Amsterdam

dried hydrangeaIMG_2664

Take two bloggers with a love of food and photography, stick them in a beautiful apartment in Amsterdam, and take away their usual early alarm… and what do you get?

You get three mornings of wonderfully lazy and tasty breakfasts – and daily food photo-shoots to accompany them, of course!

It was such a luxury to be able to leisurely tuck in to fresh bread and hot tea, while listening to music and planning out our adventures for the day

And, as lovely as it is to have someone cook for you, so enjoyable to feel at home and be able to wear pajamas to the table without any odd looks from other hotel guests!

fresh read from the bakeryIMG_2675

The baked goods came from the organic bakery, Hartog’s Volkoren, just five minutes walk from our apartment (we lucked out there!)

Neither of us had tried multiseed brown croissants before – they definitely tasted like a healthier alternative to the usual type – although perhaps not once we’d smothered them in honey

There was also a traditional bread baked with a sugary mix of hazlenuts and dried fruit running through it, which needed nothing else spread on it

And every day we had the creamiest greek yoghurt, which was just from an Albery Heijn supermarket but was some of the tastiest either of us had ever had

Here’s a taste of the apartment and our mornings in Amsterdam…

kettle on the stovebreakfast day 1apartmentIMG_2653IMG_2774 2breakfast day twoIMG_2682

And all excellent fuel for a day of sightseeing, shopping and tackling the tandem riding!

How does your holiday breakfast routine differ from the usual…?

What E saw: Amsterdam

bikeamsterdam in the misttulpen Hermitageamsterdam, mistpost boxesBwindowsfloral displayapartmentscanalranunculuscactusflea market findsDSC00504flea marketlibrary- RijksmuseumB in the rijksmuseumI amsterdamE + Briver amstel in the miststill life- staircasedusk- amsterdam

Oh Amsterdam, it’s been 10 years since last we met.

So, here are just a few of my holiday snaps, Amsterdam in the mist.

Quite a different experience on this occasion. In fact, as it turns out Amsterdam is a city of culture!

Four days and three nights was not quite long enough to see all the sights, we were left wanting more, which is all you can ever ask of the perfect city break.

We covered as much as we possibly could in our short visit, from bakeries to museums, via Anne Frank’s house; all mostly viewed from the seat of a bicycle made for two! (yes, we hired a tandem bike!)

We also managed to catch our favourite band Kasabian whilst we were out there too, so an all round amazing holiday!

B’s pics to follow soon…

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