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Watch: Flawless

Outside of Leicester, the city is not hugely known for its cultural offerings

It often gets overlooked for some of the bigger cities, and it doesn’t help the situation that, as a people,us East Midlanders aren’t always that great at showing off our assets

But there’s so much artistic talent in the LE postcode – and here’s a fantastic example of it

Flawless was directed and edited by Leicester filmmaker Keith Allott, supported by a talented cast and crew from Leicester, and shot in location… in Leicester

The short has featured in no less than 23 film festivals, from Singapore to Switzerland

But more importantly, since Saturday it’s been available to watch online

I’ll say no more, just enjoy



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Watch: Safe House

This is a call out to anyone in or near Leicester today… if you’re not doing anything tonight then I’d massively recommend spending 40 minutes of your life watching Safe House!

Created by Leicester-based theatre company Metro-Boulot-Dodo, this is an incredible outdoor performance which mixes music, recorded speech, visual projection and aerial dance

It explores our emotional ties to where we live and the differences between a ‘house’ and a ‘home’

It’s already toured around the country (you can see some clips from Stockton in the video above) and this weekend forms part of Leicester’s City Festival


I went along last night (see rubbish phone photo above!) and thoroughly enjoyed it

It really was visually stunning and like nothing else I’d seen in the city, especially as it was based around a large purpose-built house structure, which had been erected in an old car park

Tonight is your last night to see the (FREE!) show in Leicester – I’d recommend wrapping up, it pains me to say it, but I think summer is coming to an end

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Watch: The Fallen

On September 21st 2013, International peace day, two British artists Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss created a sand drawing on the D-Day landing beach of Arromanches in Normandy. The artists, along with hundreds of volunteers all armed with rakes and stencils drew 9000 people in the sand to demonstrate the 9000 lives lost in the Normandy Beach landings on June 6th 1944.

Powerful stuff.

A documentary following this sculpture is in production and the website for the project can be found here.

Timelapse video captured by filmmaker Finn Varney

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DO: Show some love!

Happy Valentines Day to all our readers!

Hope you’re shown as much love today, as this penguin has for his favourite zoo keeper…

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Watch: Mr Christmas


As ever, things are pretty hectic in the lead up to Christmas – but I’m still getting excited and feeling festive!

For the first year ever I have a real tree in my house – I’ve called him Ted the tiny tree (not an odd thing to do at all…)

Ted is decorated with a selection of ribbons, handmade paper stars, old baubles donated by my parents, and a few new decorations (including Father Christmas in a helicopter!)

My paper chains are still waiting patiently to be hung, but the thing I’m really missing is lights – something that has come to my attention after watching the lovely short film ‘Mr Christmas’

The trailer is below, but you can see the full 13 minutes here

I love the preparation that goes into putting up his lights – it takes three months to put them up!

I also love how precise he is with the timings and how complex the whole system is

But I especially love the fact he mainly does it for the enjoyment of everybody else!

How have you decorated your house this year? Do you go for the jazzy lights?

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