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LISTEN: Demons of Ruby Mae

How is it already 5th December?!

I mentioned briefly in our post about how great our city is, that I’d been to the single launch of excellent Leicester band Demon of Ruby Mae

They’ve just released the video of that single online, so I thought I’d share…

I don’t claim to fully understand the video storyline, but it gets some good Leicester landmarks in there – and I think they’re a band who deserve to go far

If you need a little more convincing, then I think these songs from their EP are even more beautiful…

What do you think? Do you like? Any local bands in your area you’d like to recommend?

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Day 21: World Television Day

For World Television Day we thought we’d focus on the shows we loves as children

There’s nothing like reminiscing over old cartoons and Saturday morning telly to get people animated!

E’s favorites:

I was born in the early 80’s so my childhood was filled with classic cartoons, Ask me to pick a favourite? That’s impossible! But there are a few that make the shortlist…

My all time favourite episode of Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds

Moschops the Dinosaur…

The Family-ness…

And 80 Days Around the World…

Other favourites included Thundercats, The Racoons, Trapdoor… I could go on…!

B’s favourites…

And I was born towards the end of the 1980s – which surprisingly seems to make a significant difference in the different shows we were exposed to (although I also watched Trapdoor, The Racoons and The Family-ness!)

My absolute favourite TV show as a kid was Dappledown Farm… which was Brian Cant as the farmer, surrounded by lots of animal puppets…

I also loved Playdays with the Why Bird and Peggy Patch (this video is particularly amazing because it’s introduced by Otis the Aardvark!)

And then there’s The Herb Garden – still now, as a 26-year-old, I can’t hear the word ‘dill’ without automatically thinking ‘the dog’…

And finally, there’s James the Cat – some weird reason the theme tune occasionally gets stuck in my head, for days at a time sometimes…

Other notable mentions go to Postman Pat, The Sooty Show (izzy wizzy, let’s get busy!) and Spot the Dog

We both really loved watching our favourite children’s shows back online – a trip down memory lane! Which shows would make your list?

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Day 7: Ten Things

rainy days

Here’s our top ten films for a rainy day…

B’s suggestions…

  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • High Fidelity
  • 500 Days of Summer
  • West Side Story
  • Dont Look Back

E’s suggestions…

  • Star Wars (all of them!)
  • Anchorman
  • The Goonies
  • Inception
  • The Science of Sleep

What would be your rainy day choices? Recommendations are always welcome!

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Day 6: Richard III

Richard III (Photo: Robert Day)

Last week we were kindly invited to a performance of Shakespeare’s Richard III at Nottingham Playhouse

The theatre were looking for Leicester bloggers to review the first proper production of the play since the discovery of the real king’s bones in a car park

Despite the local link, neither of us had actually seen the play before

So first things first, two things to admit…
1. We were both feeling pretty tired after work, so were a little worried about facing 2hrs 30 of Shakespeare
2. We (annoyingly) arrived late and missed the first 10 minutes of the show

Two very important points, because…
1. Despite the tiredness and theatre being pretty warm, we were both absolutely captivated by the performance
2. B was waiting for the ‘This is the winter of our discontent’ speech all the way through… that’ll be the opening speech then

Richard III (Photo: Robert Day)

So why were we captivated?

Well much of that has to be down the the excellent acting – in particular from Ian Bartholomew as Richard and Milo Twomey as Buckingham, pictured above

Bartholomew’s portrayal of Richard is darkly humorous and in turns quite charming, his soliloquies and asides with the audience reveal his plans and as the play unfolds we found ourselves secretly hoping he would succeed!

The lines were delivered very naturally by all the actors, and although fast paced (they were on stage for 2hrs 30), it was easy to follow the plot

The set is very cleverly designed, a tombstone lined wall gives a medieval feel whilst projections to depict off stage murders and dream scenes add a modern twist

The cast use the whole of the theatre including the stalls and the circle which make for a very involving performance

Richard III (Photo: Robert Day)

This is the first major production of Richard III since the discovery of Richard’s bones and this historical find has shed new light on the events leading up to Richard’s death at the battle of Bosworth (we resisted whooping when Leicester and Bosworth were mentioned on stage!)

It is now known that Richard was not wearing a helmet when he was killed and which weapons were used to deliver the two fatal blows that killed him

Director Loveday Ingram has called on this new historical information to create a more authentic re-enactment of Richard’s death on stage

So a very enjoyable evening at the theatre – and it’s made us even more determined that Richard’s bones should stay in Leicester!

Richard III can be seen at Nottingham Playhouse until Saturday, November 16  (and you can see our Q&A with the king himself here!)

Photos above by Robert Day

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Watch: Frances Ha

Determined to make the most of my one day weekend, I finished work yesterday and headed straight out to the cinema

I generally don’t spend hours pouring over reviews before I go and see a film – if someone recommends one or I’m intrigued by a trailer, that’s usually enough

I’m the same with books, fictional books anyway – I often won’t even read the blurb on the back until I’ve finished the book, in case it gives something away

So, I’d only read the briefest of description of Frances Ha before we took our seats in the auditorium at Phoenix – but I’m glad we did!

The non-review

Written by Noah Baumbach (who also directs) and Greta Gerwig (who also plays the title role) the film follows a period of time in Frances’ life – as she struggles to live and work as a dancer in New York, and figure out various relationships

I’m not great on reviews, so here’s just a few thoughts…

  • The fact it’s in black and white really works with the New York setting and made me think a little of early Woody Allen films – it’s funny how you don’t miss the colour
  • Greta Gerwig is wonderful, as is the script – I’d love to be able to act so naturally and to write such realistic dialogue
  • I enjoy the way the scenes are cut and the moments of “real life” that don’t directly further the plot but subtly tell you something about the characters
  • Being a similar age to Frances, there were definite moments of identification for me
  • There were great moments throughout, but the bit that will really stay with me is when Frances describes wanting to experience the moment you meet eyes with someone across the room at a party, and you know they’re your soul mate (she puts it a lot more eloquently in the film – despite being very drunk)

Have you seen Frances Ha? What did you think? Any film recommendations?

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