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Grow: Spring at last



So finally it’s here, Spring. Garden preparation has begun and seeds have been planted. Cauliflower, courgette, celeriac, cayenne pepper, nasturtium, french beans, dwarf sunflowers, mustard leaves, aubergines, to name but a few, went in at the end of March/beginning of April and have this week been put outside to harden off before finally going into pots or joining the herbs in the vegetable patch.

Seed swaps are happening between friends too, we are hoping to trade some of our cauliflowers (which were sown a little too enthusiastically!) For delights such as electric daisies, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.

Now I can’t say that my growing skills have improved any since this time last year, but it turns out C is rather talented when it comes to growing, and has a little more patience too. Last autumn’s offerings, despite the rubbish weather, were encouraging. So with a bit of luck and sunshine hopefully this year will be even better.

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Do: Pancake Cannelloni

Probably the most memorable pancake day I have ever had was as a student, when my housemate P and I prepared a three course pancake based feast. Goats cheese and pancetta pancakes to start followed by pancake cannelloni, then pancakes with vanilla ice-cream and mars bar sauce to finish. Wow. I caught up with P just last week and we were fondly reminiscing on this now fabled ‘death by pancake’ feast, and although our tastes have changed since our student days, we both agreed that this recipe might be acceptable now as sensible adults…..

The following recipe makes 5-6 pancakes, we used Bolognese sauce to fill our cannelloni but vegetable chilli or beans would work just as well, it’s a really good dish for using up leftovers, and of course perfect for pancake day!


making the pancake batter

frying the pancakes

filling the pancake cannelloni

pancake cannelloni ready to serve

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