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Watch: Mr Christmas


As ever, things are pretty hectic in the lead up to Christmas – but I’m still getting excited and feeling festive!

For the first year ever I have a real tree in my house – I’ve called him Ted the tiny tree (not an odd thing to do at all…)

Ted is decorated with a selection of ribbons, handmade paper stars, old baubles donated by my parents, and a few new decorations (including Father Christmas in a helicopter!)

My paper chains are still waiting patiently to be hung, but the thing I’m really missing is lights – something that has come to my attention after watching the lovely short film ‘Mr Christmas’

The trailer is below, but you can see the full 13 minutes here

I love the preparation that goes into putting up his lights – it takes three months to put them up!

I also love how precise he is with the timings and how complex the whole system is

But I especially love the fact he mainly does it for the enjoyment of everybody else!

How have you decorated your house this year? Do you go for the jazzy lights?

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