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Watch: Flawless

Outside of Leicester, the city is not hugely known for its cultural offerings

It often gets overlooked for some of the bigger cities, and it doesn’t help the situation that, as a people,us East Midlanders aren’t always that great at showing off our assets

But there’s so much artistic talent in the LE postcode – and here’s a fantastic example of it

Flawless was directed and edited by Leicester filmmaker Keith Allott, supported by a talented cast and crew from Leicester, and shot in location… in Leicester

The short has featured in no less than 23 film festivals, from Singapore to Switzerland

But more importantly, since Saturday it’s been available to watch online

I’ll say no more, just enjoy



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Something for Sunday

Short film: I came across this short doc this week, about the artist Michael Paul Smith who creates detailed vintage-styled scenes of a fictional town from miniature models them and photographs the results. It’s a lovely story and fascinating to see the minute attention he pays to his designs

Instagram: Just started following SymmetryBreakfast today and I’m already obsessed. Although, I can’t help thinking you miss out by having the same thing while eating out – I suppose at least you won’t have food envy

Cinema: There’s a reason that critics have been going crazy over Whiplash – it’s just so brilliant. Great acting, great soundtrack, great cinematography – all building up to the last incredible scene – I wanted to instantly re-wind and watch it all again. Catch it in cinemas while you can!

Radio: I’ve been catching up on some podcasts recently, including 99% Invisible episode ‘Three Records From Sundown’- which is a must for anyone who loves singer-songwriter Nick Drake (or a great introduction for those who don’t know who he is!). Not only is it interesting, but it’s a beautifully crafted documentary. You can hear the podcast and read more about it here

Also check out This American Life episode ‘If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say, SAY IT IN ALL CAPS’ – which starts with a gripping exchange between writer Lindy West and the one troll who has every apologised for targetting her online. Lindy also wrote about the experience in the Guardian this week

What recommendations do you have from the past week?

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Watch: Frances Ha

Determined to make the most of my one day weekend, I finished work yesterday and headed straight out to the cinema

I generally don’t spend hours pouring over reviews before I go and see a film – if someone recommends one or I’m intrigued by a trailer, that’s usually enough

I’m the same with books, fictional books anyway – I often won’t even read the blurb on the back until I’ve finished the book, in case it gives something away

So, I’d only read the briefest of description of Frances Ha before we took our seats in the auditorium at Phoenix – but I’m glad we did!

The non-review

Written by Noah Baumbach (who also directs) and Greta Gerwig (who also plays the title role) the film follows a period of time in Frances’ life – as she struggles to live and work as a dancer in New York, and figure out various relationships

I’m not great on reviews, so here’s just a few thoughts…

  • The fact it’s in black and white really works with the New York setting and made me think a little of early Woody Allen films – it’s funny how you don’t miss the colour
  • Greta Gerwig is wonderful, as is the script – I’d love to be able to act so naturally and to write such realistic dialogue
  • I enjoy the way the scenes are cut and the moments of “real life” that don’t directly further the plot but subtly tell you something about the characters
  • Being a similar age to Frances, there were definite moments of identification for me
  • There were great moments throughout, but the bit that will really stay with me is when Frances describes wanting to experience the moment you meet eyes with someone across the room at a party, and you know they’re your soul mate (she puts it a lot more eloquently in the film – despite being very drunk)

Have you seen Frances Ha? What did you think? Any film recommendations?

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gooseberriesyoung salad leavesthistledoorspeoniesseedlingsroseselderflowermake, do and spend

Just playing.

Click on the pic and it will take you to the post that features the image, see if you can spot the original!

In Other News, Team MDAS are off to a wedding today……..so excited!

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grand place

getting around by bike

I feel lonely

souvenir manneken pis


peacefulbandstand in park de Bruxelles

art nouveau

European quarter art nouveau



belgian chocolate

making chocolate truffles


honey shop

homemade nougat

waffle tasting-before

waffle tasting-after

“Why Brussels?” Is a question I have answered several times since choosing the city as a winter holiday destination. In truth we came upon a rather good deal on the Eurostar and were so in need of a break it really didin’t matter where we ended up. Time out was necessary and Brussels proved a perfect location for it. We discovered a very civilised city full of history, art, beer, chocolate and waffles which happen to be a few of my favourite things!  There are many artisan shops to explore, fromageries, charcuteries and we even found a little shop devoted exclusively to honey. We visited a few galleries and museums, exploring the surreal world of Magritte, a beer museum in the grande place (which was more about the drinking beer than it’s history!) we found a few dinosaurs and spend a full 3 hours exploring the vast museum of art history. Brussels is also the birthplace of Art Nouveau and there are many fabulous buildings and restaurants so see and visit. There was so much to explore, we walked and walked until I thought my feet would no longer carry me, and then we walked some more! A great break from reality and I am now fully addicted to Belgian waffles!

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