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Just playing.

Click on the pic and it will take you to the post that features the image, see if you can spot the original!

In Other News, Team MDAS are off to a wedding today……..so excited!

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Grow: Spring at last



So finally it’s here, Spring. Garden preparation has begun and seeds have been planted. Cauliflower, courgette, celeriac, cayenne pepper, nasturtium, french beans, dwarf sunflowers, mustard leaves, aubergines, to name but a few, went in at the end of March/beginning of April and have this week been put outside to harden off before finally going into pots or joining the herbs in the vegetable patch.

Seed swaps are happening between friends too, we are hoping to trade some of our cauliflowers (which were sown a little too enthusiastically!) For delights such as electric daisies, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.

Now I can’t say that my growing skills have improved any since this time last year, but it turns out C is rather talented when it comes to growing, and has a little more patience too. Last autumn’s offerings, despite the rubbish weather, were encouraging. So with a bit of luck and sunshine hopefully this year will be even better.

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My 2012 E

Some of my favourite moments from 2012

January Morocco

cactus in morocco

February Hambleton Hall


March  grow





May comfort food

comfort food

June Jubilee Celebrations


Holkham Beach

Holkham beach

July Road trip


August rowing in stratford

Visiting Stratford

Meeting Jen and Kerry

afternoon tea at the White Rabbit

September foraging, jam making and baking

Rhubarb Raspberry and Ginger jam

October infusing and bottling

Chilli, Garlic and Herb olive oil

pumpkin selection


November Clandestine baking

Raspberry Sherbet Bundt cake

Christmas puddings



Christmas Tree

Homemade Christmas hampers

kitchen aid


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Grow: Sunflowers

It was a sad day today, our homegrown sunflowers had to be chopped down. I grew these from seed earlier in the year, along with some nasturtiums (which haven’t fared so well!) and was amazed at the size and speed at which they grew – they have really brightened up the garden so we were very sorry to see them go.

I was left with hundreds of sunflower seeds which I harvested. I have a few plans for these little tinkers………

imageI’ve made some little seed envelopes to give to people as gifts, these will be part of my christmas hampers I started working on last week with my rhubarb and raspberry jam. Each envelope will contain 10 little seeds to be planted in the recipient’s garden.

A simple gift provided by my garden.

To make these I used:

  • 10 brown envelopes
  • a potato which I cut in half and carved into a sunflower (ish!) shape with a craft knife
  • emulsion paint for printing ink
  • A little Alphabet stamp set I bought from Muji
  • home grown sunflower seeds

I’ll still have a few seeds left over to use in my next batch of granola!

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Do: Cut Flowers


Pink roses

Plastic daffs

Carnations and gypsophilia

Gifted roses

A bouquet of lillies (and Grandpa)

Outside a florists in Paris

Here are a few of my recent acquisitions/observations. This is my most favourite way to brighten up a day.

If I’m feeling a little low, I’ll treat myself, and I love when my boyfriend surprises me with a bouquet.

As a little girl my Mother always sent me to my friends houses armed with fresh blooms as a ‘Thank you for having me’ gift. These offerings were usually homegrown and this is a tradition I hope to continue. In the next month or so I’m hoping to cut some of my own flowers from my garden…

If only they lasted longer, I wouldn’t have to take quite so many photographs!

What brightened your day today?

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