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Watch: Frances Ha

Determined to make the most of my one day weekend, I finished work yesterday and headed straight out to the cinema

I generally don’t spend hours pouring over reviews before I go and see a film – if someone recommends one or I’m intrigued by a trailer, that’s usually enough

I’m the same with books, fictional books anyway – I often won’t even read the blurb on the back until I’ve finished the book, in case it gives something away

So, I’d only read the briefest of description of Frances Ha before we took our seats in the auditorium at Phoenix – but I’m glad we did!

The non-review

Written by Noah Baumbach (who also directs) and Greta Gerwig (who also plays the title role) the film follows a period of time in Frances’ life – as she struggles to live and work as a dancer in New York, and figure out various relationships

I’m not great on reviews, so here’s just a few thoughts…

  • The fact it’s in black and white really works with the New York setting and made me think a little of early Woody Allen films – it’s funny how you don’t miss the colour
  • Greta Gerwig is wonderful, as is the script – I’d love to be able to act so naturally and to write such realistic dialogue
  • I enjoy the way the scenes are cut and the moments of “real life” that don’t directly further the plot but subtly tell you something about the characters
  • Being a similar age to Frances, there were definite moments of identification for me
  • There were great moments throughout, but the bit that will really stay with me is when Frances describes wanting to experience the moment you meet eyes with someone across the room at a party, and you know they’re your soul mate (she puts it a lot more eloquently in the film – despite being very drunk)

Have you seen Frances Ha? What did you think? Any film recommendations?

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