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Click: A reminder

Hello! Just a quick reminder that throughout this month B has been part in Sarah McGarva’s lovely photography blog Two Days The Same

As always with ‘photo a day’ challenges, it’s been fun to have a reason to pick up the camera and not be lazy about looking for interesting shots – and then get to see how someone else’s day differed

(B does however need to get better at sorting the snaps once she’s taken them – she’s been late a couple of times – sorry again Sarah!)

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SNAP: Reflections


In the last few months I seem to have become fascinated with capturing reflections

Whether it’s water, windows or mirrors, I can’t help myself!

It doesn’t always result in a great shot – but it’s been a fun way to get used to the new camera I bought at the beginning of the year

I think I especially like the shots that appear to be double or triple exposures – they have a kind of dreamy quality to them

So I thought I’d share a few of the shots…

IMG_0788IMG_0534 IMG_0476 IMG_0461IMG_0689 IMG_0686

Photos: my reflection in a train window; stairs in the Musical Instruments Museum, Brussels; railway tracks through a window, a gas tower reflected in a puddle, east London; the same gas tower reflected in the window of The Oval venue; a duck reflecting in Bruges (see what I did there?); a tower in the water in Bruges

What’s inspiring you to get snapping recently?

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Click: Matt & Rach’s Wedding

Back in August we went to the wedding of B’s best friend Rachael, who married our favourite photographer Matt.

It was a very special day, beautifully planned and thought out to the last detail, and we both had important roles to play, B bridesmaid, E photographer along with Kev of Kevin Clarke Photography and a little help from Matt’s amazing camera and lenses!

The full story is over on Matt’s blog now, Matt Horan Photography but before you click, (Its a pretty amazing photography blog and you might not want to come back!)

We couldn’t resist sharing a few of the snaps and take the opportunity to say Congratulations Mr + Mrs Horan!

matt & rach matt & rach matt & rach matt & rach matt & rach matt + rachmatt & rachmatt & rachmatt & rach

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What E saw, what B saw: thrifting

what E saw, what B saw

On Friday night, we hosted an outdoor film night at B’s house

The idea was to catch the last of the summer evenings, by projecting a comedy movie onto the side of her house… the only problem was the un-summery, relentless pouring rain

Never trust the British weather

So outdoor, became indoor – with help from our photographer friend Matt‘s massive white screen

We had a great time giggling along to 2 Days in Paris, eating lots of popcorn and sweets, and chatting to friends late into the night…

The next morning

So we were all a little tired on Saturday, but – after lots of slouching around in PJs, eating leftovers and several failed attempts at leaving the house – we finally decided to get some fresh air

This was inspired by the discovery of Leicester’s latest vintage homeware store, Junk Monkey – based in a former petrol station, it’s full of stylish treasures found in local house clearances

They had some really interesting pieces – although while chatting to friendly owner Adam, he admitted most of the best stuff ends up in his own house!

Spurred on by our thrifty natures, we continued our shopping trip at the second hand furniture store on Narborough Road… followed by a visit to our current favourite Vintage Utopia (remember E’s amazing find a couple of weeks back?)

No purchases, but a successful afternoon of lazy “window shopping”, and of course we took the cameras along…




IMG_0828IMG_0839 IMG_0832 IMG_0836 IMG_0838 IMG_0841 IMG_0842 IMG_0843

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Visit: A Change of Heart, Leicester Botanical gardens

the knoll leicester botanical gardens

Our picnic basket was out again for a visit to Leicester University Botanical Gardens last weekend. After B visited last year for the first time, this year it was my turn.  A change of heart is the 12th annual sculpture in the garden exhibition which is on display until the 27th October 2013. We had a lazy picnic in the sunshine then whiled away a few hours by wandering around the gardens admiring the grounds and sculptures which add an extra dimension to the already beautiful gardens, there is something to see at every turn. I didn’t bake this time, though I would have liked to. Sometimes it’s all about seizing the moment and being spontaneous. This day was a case of last minute planning, grabbing a few snacks from the shop on our way and making the most of a beautiful afternoon in the sunshine.

Here are a few snaps from our day, the sculpture images are linked to the artist’s website so click on the image to learn more about the sculpture.

picnicpicnic benchpicnic picnicbotanical gardens leicesterbotanical gardens leicesterlilly pond botanical gardens leicesterbees leicester botanical gardens willow sculpture by Rachel Crterdama de noche leicester botanical gardensJapanese maples leicester botanical gardens Japanese maples and pigeons  leicester botanical gardens bruce Beasley- Brekout IIleicester botanical gardensAlice Cunningham- where I start and you endleicester botanical gardenswilliam Pye sculptureacornoak treeteaselDiane Maclean - Ovum

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