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Photo an Hour: Frankfurt

Just a little over a month ago now C and I went on a whistle stop tour of Germany for a wedding, travelling on Friday June 13th threw up many interesting challenges, not least getting lost in a Bavarian forest! We arrived unscathed and had a wonderful weekend helping our friends celebrate tying the knot. We had allowed for an extra day in Germany so we could make the most of having a long weekend break and so we could have a cheeky explore, We headed to frankfurt for a night and a day, here’s how we spent our day in Frankfurt…

view from our hotel room

7.45: The view from our hotel room

holiday essentials

8.20: My holiday essentials include: factor 30 suncream, (I don’t tan, I burn) sunglasses, a good book and a guidebook, though i’m yet to find one that’s to be trusted!Frankfurt underground

9.05: We brave the Frankfurt underground, which had let us down just a few days previously!

Zeit Für Brot- Oeder Weg- Frankfurt

10.14 Breakfast at the delightful Zeit Für Brot. I opted for an apple and cinnamon roll. Simply amazinga stroll down the river Main

11.37: We take a stroll down the River Main in the sunshine

montag geschlossen

12.05: We go in search of some culture and decide to hit some museums and in the process learn a new german phrase ‘Montags geschlossen’ = closed on Mondays, fairly obvious in hindsight!

church window

1pm: Luckily, churches are always open so we have a good nose around the Epiphany church. I really love the painted stained glass windows  homemade rosemary lemonade

2.10: Refreshments in the form of home-made lemonade. I opt for lemon and rosemary which is absolutely delicious

zebra- frankfurt Zoo

3.20 We head to frankfurt zoo, a great place to while away an hour…..little birds, frankfurt Zoo

4.25: or two!

Strawberries - Berger Strasse, frankfurt

5.30: we take a stroll down Berger Strass a popular foodie hotspot in frankfurt, theres an array of fresh produce, flowers but we have quite specific dinner plan in mind….sausage and sauerkraut

6.45: We finally track down a restaurant that sells frankfurters (Harder than you would expect in Frankfurt!) So dinner is traditional German sausages and sauerkraut! I only manage abut half of this dish, it was incredibly tasty if more than a little touristy!

the train ride home

7.25: Sadly the time has come to start on the journey home, now experts at German train routes we head back to the airport and manage not to get lost this time!departure lounge

8.15: Just time for a glass of wine and a catch up with Gatsby whilst we wait for our flight to be called


9.05: Hometime

On a sad note, this was the last outing for the sony a37 and 50mm lens, they have left me, goodbye old friends


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Visit: Frankfurt Christmas Market, Birmingham

frankfurt christmas marketfrankfurt christmas markethomemade giftsgarlic mushrooms and saute potatogarlic mushrooms-aftercrepesfrankfurt christmas marketchocolate hedgehogsbratwurstbratwurstfrankfurt christmas marketfrankfurt christmas marketnutcrackershomemade toysgerman sausageGluhweinGluhweinfine german bbergrilled ham rollsgrilled ham roll with sauerkraut

Birmingham is C’s hometown, so each year at Christmas time we take a trip to the Frankfurt Christmas market in Birmingham City centre. I’m a big fan of Christmas markets (Lincoln Christmas market being another favourite) but this one is particularly special, it’s the largest outdoor Christmas market in the UK and the largest German market outside of Germany, so I hear. There is a fine selection of german ham, Bratwurst sausages, homemade gifts and my personal favourite,  garlic mushrooms washed down with a mug of Gluhwein

The market runs until 22nd December, highly recommended for raising festive cheer

Are you feeling festive yet?

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Day 8: Day in the life

Brighton Pier

Ok, so not an average day/weekend in my life but I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to share a few photos from a weekend away in Brighton recently with C, my boyfriend. Brighton had been on my ‘to visit again” list for a while, so the prospect of a weekend away was very exciting

It didn’t disappoint

Admittedly I had imagined it to be similar to London: busy and expensive combined with lots of smelly people on the tube.

All of this I can cope with in short bursts and whilst I enjoy visiting London I’m always happy to leave it behind and get back to Leicestershire, green fields and sheep (and the Narborough Rd)

Brighton was a different story, Brighton is the sort of place I’d like to live

Notable places we visited:

Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier

The Old Pier2p machines

C and I can never resist the lure of a 2p machine


Choccywoccydoodah – a pastry chef’s pilgramage. We found this elegant pair in the window, made entirely of chocolate. I have to say we found the inside of the shop a little disappointing


Another rather alluring shop window display from Sugardough

England At Home

England at Home this book is so on my Christmas list!


I’ve no idea where this was, a library perhaps? I love the signage made from books

la cave a fromage

La Cave A Fromage  – Quite possibly the best cheese shop I have ever visited. Here we bought a mont d’or vacherin, some white truffle honey and admired a wall covered entirely with cheese wrappers!

white truffle honeyla cave a fromagebread and milk

Lunch at Bread and Milk

Autumn flowers

Seasonal flower displays at very turn

Treacle and co

And my favourite place we visited, Treacle & co. If I ever had a bakery of my own it would look like thisTreacle and cotreacle and Co

Where have you visited lately?

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Day 2: Something you made, Ginger Parkin

Ginger Parkin ingredients

I’m off to a bonfire party this evening at my friend catherine’s house, so of course I had to bake her a catherine wheel cake. I’ve made a ginger parkin in my favourite nordic wear cake tin which i’ve used before for a Clandestine cake club bake, i’ve also added a little sparkle for extra drama.

This is a really moist sticky ginger cake with a big kick of ginger. You can’t beat a good ginger cake, for me there needs to be a lot of ginger, especially at this time of year when it’s cold. I’m including fresh ginger in this recipe for extra warmth as it’s looking likely to be a wet and windy evening!

I made mine in a kitchen aid mixer but this is sheer laziness and the cake could just as easily be made by hand with a mixing bowl and hand whisk

Here’s how to make it:

  • 200g unsalted butter
  • 135g black treacle
  • 135g golden syrup
  • 240g dark brown sugar
  • 125g self raising flour
  • 125g porridge oats
  • 1/2 a tsp of bicarbonate of soda
  • 15g ground ginger
  • a pinch of salt
  • 50ml whole milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 30g of stem ginger in syrup finely chopped
  • 10g of fresh ginger
  • the juice of 1 lime

ginger parkin mix

Pre-heat the oven to 140°C. Grease the cake tin liberally with melted butter to ensure an easy release after baking. Melt the butter, brown sugar, golden syrup, black treacle and butter together over a gentle heat in a heavy based saucepan. Once all the butter is melted and you have a thick sticky liquid take the pan of the heat and set aside to cool a little.

to prepare the fresh ginger peel off the skin with a knife or a vegetable peeler and chop finely. Place the diced fresh ginger and lime juice into a measuring jug and blend to a puree with a stick blender, set this aside to add later.

Place the flour, oats, ground ginger, salt and bicarbonate of soda into a mixing bowl then place the milk and eggs into a measuring jug and beat with a fork to combine. Add the cooled  syrup mixture to the flour and oats and whisk together, then gently pour in the egg and milk mixture, whisking as you go to incorporate the egg mix. Finally fold in the ginger puree and chopped stem ginger. Pour the mix into the prepared cake tin and place onto the middle rack of the preheat oven. Bake for 50-60 minutes or until a skewer inverted into the centre of the cake comes out clean.

ginger parkin

Allow the cake to cool slightly then invert onto a cooling rack and allow to cool completely. When ready to serve transfer to a serving dish or cake board, indoor sparklers are optional!

catherine wheel cake

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Visit: Wells

fruit tea

Last weekend saw the arrival of the first artisan food festival to the historic town of Wells. My friend Em and I were luck enough to visit for a brilliant weekend filled with fabulous food and people. We arrived on Saturday night at Coxley house to a warm welcome from Julia and Wilfred the Whippet who ensured we made the most of our short visit by recommending restaurants and must see places. Then on Sunday, fuelled by an amazing breakfast of eggs benedict made by Julia, we set out on  a whistle stop tour of Wells.coxley houseWilfred the Whippet pickwicks caffepickwicks caffeWellshej gro

Street food highlights included an array of regional fresh produce. We stumbled upon Hej Gro, a low impact family-run business selling products out of a vintage pram that were made from foraged and locally sourced ingredients. There was also fresh bread, cheese and award winning sausages to be sampled

ornamental gourdsfocaccia award winning sausagesaward winning sausages

We then set off to the Fountain Inn where Pearl Lowe was hosting a Vintage tea party and Fiona Cairns gave an illustrated talk on the making of the Royal Wedding cake.

vintage tea partyvintage tea partyapple treeWells cathedral

And of course no visit to Wells, England’s smallest city, would be complete without a quick stop to take a picture of the cathedral before heading back to Leicestershire.

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