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No bake: Watermelon cake

watermelon cake

This week saw the return of The Great British Bake Off to our TV screens, it’s one of my very few must watch programmes and i’m very excited to be tuning in every wednesday over the next few weeks to watch the competition unfold. It was great to see the series kick off with some magnificent cakes, (And some less so!) its also a hot topic of conversation amongst my foodie friends, so strangely enough all this baking got me thinking about not baking.

Sometimes there just isn’t time, sometimes one of these fabled warm weather days arrives in the UK and the thought of turning the oven on is just a little too much to bear and sometimes its good to have a healthy cake on the menu. It just so happened that this weekend the weather has been a little brighter and a summer BBQ was called for to celebrate this momentous occasion. C and I planned a feast, pork belly, burgers, sausages, meat, meat, meat basically! So we decided watermelon would provided the perfect antidote for desert

We live on the Narborough rd in Leicester, Aka “the Narb” to us locals where one can pretty much acquire anything your heart desires, it’s entirely possible to exist solely on the offerings of the Narbourgh rd, should you want to.

I’ve spotted quite a few enormous watermelons on my weekend strolls and decided that this was to be the weekend to purchase the largest watermelon I could find. 10kg to be precise.

So, I carried the Watermelon,

In a blue plastic bag Down the Narbourough rd, it wasn’t terribly glamorous but my head was spinning with ideas of what to make. Watermelon vodka is always a winner at adult BBQs but I was tempted to try something a little different and created this refreshing three tier watermelon cake instead.

watermelon cake 1watermelon cake 5

The good news is watermelon cakes are pretty simple to make, all you really need is a good sharp knife. Here follows an explanation of how to achieve this for next time you have an enormous watermelon handy. There are many virtuous qualities to this cake also. It’s vegan, refined sugar free, gluten free, nut free so no need to feel guilty about diving in!

Slice your watermelon across the middle into 3 even slices to create the three tiers. Cut circles out of the flesh inside the watermelon, for this I used bottomless cake rings, 8″ for the base, 6″ for the middle and 4″ for the top tier. once you have the three tiers cut you can sharpen up any edges or straighten the tops of each tier if necessary so each layer stacks evenly. That being said, if the cakes are a little wonky this adds a little drama so don’t worry too much! Stack the layers on top of each other. No dowels needed as the watermelon itself is pretty sturdy. Once stacked, it’s time for the fun bit, get creative and decorate your watermelon cake with fresh fruit and berries and if you have any to hand edible flowers work a treat. Here i’ve used nasturtium, lavender, sweet peas, fennel and dahlia petals so the cake is entirely edible.

So next time you fee like baking consider this colourful, refreshing and above all healthy option, and of course you could also douse the cake with vodka too if you wanted to liven things up a bit!

watermelon cake 2watermelon cake 3watermelon cake 4

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Click: Matt & Rach’s Wedding

Back in August we went to the wedding of B’s best friend Rachael, who married our favourite photographer Matt.

It was a very special day, beautifully planned and thought out to the last detail, and we both had important roles to play, B bridesmaid, E photographer along with Kev of Kevin Clarke Photography and a little help from Matt’s amazing camera and lenses!

The full story is over on Matt’s blog now, Matt Horan Photography but before you click, (Its a pretty amazing photography blog and you might not want to come back!)

We couldn’t resist sharing a few of the snaps and take the opportunity to say Congratulations Mr + Mrs Horan!

matt & rach matt & rach matt & rach matt & rach matt & rach matt + rachmatt & rachmatt & rachmatt & rach

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Eat: Wedding picnic

Elderflower cordial in bottles

I’ve been very lucky to attend two beautiful weddings in the last month

Both different in their own ways, but both creative, amazing fun and full of love

Last Friday, Claire and Bren’s wedding reception took place in a lovely village hall which had been decorated with paper streamers, bright flowers and stylish signs

P1110792 Homemade flavoured spirits

But the real genius lay in the wedding breakfast – each table had a huge (and I mean HUGE) picnic hamper full of tasty homemade food

Among the delights was jerk chicken, pulled pork, potato salad, roasted Mediterranean veg, tortilla, pork pie, potted shrimp, white bait, and plenty of bread, cheese and chutneys – beautiful!

All washed down with elderflower cordial served in mini glass bottles and shots of homemade fruity vodka and rum (which appeared to go down very well…)

And after the (hilarious) speeches, a selection of cakes and biscuits – I especially liked the Mr and Mrs gingerbread people!

Wedding picnic hamper Wedding picnic Gingerbread men, Mr and Mrs

Have you had a wedding season? Any creative ideas you’ve come across?

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Make: Wedding Ideas Folder

My best friend got engaged over Christmas – which I’m hugely excited about!

So for her birthday last weekend I decided to get her a big folder to start collecting wedding ideas together but, as always, I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for

Instead I bought a plain but sturdy folder from Paperchase, and then decorated it myself with wrapping paper, wallpaper off-cuts, stickers and a photo of the happy couple

Here’s to many more wedding-related crafts!

(Apology about the poor phone-camera photos, featuring weather-beaten fingers – my laptop decided it would be a good idea to completely corrupt my memory card – I’ll save you the angry ranting)

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