Visit: bluebell Woods

enchanted forestbluebellshidden path






enchanted forest


It’s been a crazy busy week, one in a long line of a few actually. So one evening after work my friend H and I headed out into the countryside in search of a little magic. We had talked of bluebells for some weeks and H new exactly where to find them. There was a moment when we were both about to duck out, it was blowing a gale and a 99% chance of a downpour at any second but we persevered, and we were lucky to catch the sun for a few minutes on what was otherwise a miserable afternoon. So, here is our visit to the enchanted forest, a 20 minute walk helped lend a lot of perspective. Also on the way home, when it started to rain again I spied a whole and complete double rainbow, the best i’ve ever seen. (No photo sadly, as I was driving on the motorway!) Sometimes we just need to slow the pace, catch our breath and be reminded of the simple beauty life holds.

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6 thoughts on “Visit: bluebell Woods

  1. Janet says:

    Beautiful photos! Where did you go? I’ve managed to miss the bluebells for the past few years and promised myself I’d see some this year, but might have left it too late (again).

    • makedospend says:

      Thank you Janet! We went to Sibbertoft, just west of Market Harborough, quite a few were only jus coming out so I’d say in the next week or so is the perfect time to go!

  2. Stunning photographs! I really need to gets some bluebells for my garden next year!

  3. Lis says:

    Very Lovely and Sibbertoft too – did you see anyone you knew ?

    Interesting to note that these were native English bluebells identified by the curling petals and deep blue colour unlike the Spanish hybrid which tends to be found in gardens (mine!) which is less intense in colour and has different flower/petal shape. It cross breeds easily with the native variety too so pure English is a joy to find !

    xx lis x

    • makedospend says:

      sadly we didn’t bump into any familiar faces, it was all a bit spur of the moment, otherwise might have dropped in for tea! Very interesting bluebell facts, thank you! I did at the time note that the colours were much deeper than I remembered, now I know why! xx

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